Sept 11, Giselle Suarez: The Death Monologues – Emotional Pro

September 11th, 2014

giselle suarez

Fresh from the New York City Fringe Festival, the largest international theater festival in North America. Death Doula Giselle Suarez visits our studios to talk about this “forbidden” topic. Giselle says: “Death is a subject that permeates the life of every single human being and yet is rarely approached, and even more rare, approached in this way. “ Through the writing and performance of her play, The Death Monologues, Giselle aids us all to embrace our lives more fully and gain freedom from fear, bringing peace and understanding in its place. As a listener of Full Power Living, we know you’re interested in exploring the areas of life that are powerful, meaningful, and sometimes difficult to face. Join me for a rare visit with “The Death Doula”.

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