Jan 19, Raphael Cushnir: Emotional Connection – Emotional Pro

January 19th, 2017

Start with Your Emotions; Live Life from Inside, Out. Most people live their lives from “Outside, In.” We talk about “what happens” to us, what others “do” to us, how others “make us feel.” We get concerned about how we look on the outside, what others think of us, and how we are doing in the world. Now, ask:  “What If?”  “What if this is not what is important?” In fact, “what if” the emotions we have inside of us, that we need to work through our bodies, is the connecting point for all of us. “What if” these emotions connect us to our selves, to one another,  and even more importantly, to “All That Is”? Raphael Cushnir not only believes these “What If’s” to be true, he is actively writing and teaching about what we need to do to open the connection we all have with our larger, fuller selves. When this is done, we transform. When we transform, our entire world transforms. Pay attention to the POWER of dealing with the emotions you feel inside yourself. Then come listen to Raphael Cushnir.

For many years, I have stated that “emotions are the language of the Universe.” My guest for this week is offering us a way to more fully understand what this is and how it works. He wants us to understand that there is a more sophisticated way to relate to our emotions as an actual repository of spiritual intelligence that can guide us to a life of grace and joy. Combining the best of psychology, spirituality, and science into a more effective approach, Cushir says the key to unlocking this sacred connection is to fully experience our emotions IN our body as a way of transforming them—and you. He says your vulnerability is the gateway to your soul and the Divine. Listen to this show. It offers the very HEART of why we offer you Full Power Living—to understand and master the power and importance of human emotions. Click here to visit Raphael Cushnir’s website!

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