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February 3rd, 2017

Want to Have A Life After Making a Living? As you know, my husband, Bob, died in early 2016. I was 73. What to do with the rest of my life? My decision was to surge forward. I became aware that after 53 years of adult living, I was responsible for—and beholden to—no one but myself. At last! So, I’ve sold my home. I am awaiting the delivery of my R.V.  I’m enrolled in a mentoring program to improve and transform my work skills. Right now, I’m in “hold” mode, accepting the hospitality of my wonderful son, Jon, and his wife, Anne. In April, I’m hitting the road. Gloria tells me this is what “Revivement” is about! Instead of sitting at home or taking up knitting, I’m busy reinventing myself for the next 30 years of my life. This is what we’re talking about this week. No matter what your age, you’re either ready to experience ReVivement yourself, or you know someone who is reaching this juncture in life. Come explore with us! 

Have you noticed that “70” or “80” and even “90” is not what it was even 20 years ago? People are remaining present and vital, despite “advancing years.” Our society is still structured to have people retire at 65-70. What does a person do then? Gloria Dunn introduces the concept of “ReVivement,” helping her readers to “have a life after making a living.” Gloria suggests with fervor that anyone over 50 is ready to have a rebirth; and to renew and revitalize a life that has been waiting for this auspicious time. She says the old thinking that says you’re done when you retire is wrong, and wants pre-and present retirees to wake up to a new and better life in their later years. “You’ve earned it and you deserve it,” she says. “Now is the time to revive your life to a much-awaited freedom with your much-developed knowledge, experience and wisdom.”

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