Jan 12, Katie Russell: Texas 4000 for Cancer – Emotional Pro

January 13th, 2017

What Role Has Cancer Played in Your Life? Katie Russell is 22, a recent graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. With two simultaneous Bachelor’s degrees. And a minor in International Business. Already no slouch, she’s taking on a daunting challenge. We want you to know about it, and give you an opportunity to support her efforts. She’s in training for nearly a year. She’s carrying on a near-sacred tradition that promises to tax her body and spirit to the limit. In so doing, Katie is learning to be a leader in our world. You’ll be amazed—as I am—at all she needs to consider, do and learn. Listen up!

How many of us would strike out on a 4600+ mile journey in support of something important to us…on a bicycle? Katie Russell is part of group keeping up a tradition begun at the University of Texas in Austin in 2004 by Chris Condit, then a student at UT Austin, and himself a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor. With three possible routes, the Texas 4000* (a 501(c)(3) federally registered non-profit organization, and one of the longest annual charity bicycle rides in the world) starts in Austin, Texas and ends in Anchorage, Alaska. Katie Russell is currently in training for the 2017 Ride. She’s with us to share her cause, talk about the challenges, ask for our support, and be amazed by the undertaking! YOU CAN DONATE, TOO! Just .. Click here to visit Katie Russell’s page on the Texas4000.org website!

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