October 20, Chase Baliey, Chase ‘N Yur Face: Cooking on YouTube – Emotional Pro

October 21st, 2016

HeadshotsGood Nutrition—and Creativity—Can Help with Autism! Don’t you just love the double meaning of this young man’s YouTube show and cookbook? Every one of us has challenges in life. But, as my friend,
motivational speaker W. Mitchell, has said, “It’s not what happens to you that matters; it’s what you do about it.” The delight of Chase Bailey is that he has moved past many of the problems of his book-chase-n-yur-face“diagnosis” by listening to, and following, the messages of his heart. And he’s done it with the enthusiasm of youth, looking for what is possible instead of for what he “can’t do”. I really look forward to talking with him.

What if you were diagnosed with Autism as a toddler, had food aversions that left you with only five foods you could eat? What would you do? Well, at the precious age of 8, Chase Bailey was inspired to start learning about cooking. With the help of his Mom, he also began a cooking show on YouTube, inviting celebrity chefs to come help him cook. That has led to the publication of his cook book, and the startup of a Foundation to help others with autism. All of this has happened in a few short years. Chase Bailey is 15 years old. Come hear all that he has done, and even more importantly, what following his heart and inspiration has done for him! Click here to visit Chase Bailey’s website!

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