Sept 22, Devorah Heitner, Screenwise: Raising Digital Natives – Emotional Pro

September 22nd, 2016

devorah-heitner-phdI’m Waiting for My Child to Help Me with Facebook! The stuff of cartoons, stand-up-comics, and real-life parents! Our children entered a world we can book-screenwise-3dlearn about, in retrospect, but which does not really come “naturally” to us. How do we keep from feeling intimidated. How do we keep up—or ahead? How do we survive those withering looks that come with the words: “You just do this—it’s simple”? Devorah Heitner has encouragement for us. She says parents still have important things to offer. She’ll be sharing those with us this week.

Who knows more about technology: you, or your child? Chances are, unless you are employed in the digital world, the answer is “your child.” HOW do we raise children who live in a world with which we are not familiar? How do we relate to them? What do we have to offer them (when they can Google anything and “know” more than we do!)? What do we do to keep them safe? Devorah Heitner believes that parents DO have something they can offer their children, who are born into a digital world, which leads children to develop into responsible digital citizens. Click here to visit Devorah Heitner’s website!

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