June 16, Carolyn Hobbs: Inner Peace – Emotional Pro

June 16th, 2016

Carolyn-Hobbs-closeupConsciously Choosing Peace Over Problems! How many people do you know who accept the notion that “we all have problems,” and even, that “there’s no getting away from our problems”? Now, here’s Carolyn Hobbs suggesting we can CHOOSE to experience Peace instead of Problems! As a person who has been doing this for several years, now, I encourage you to LISTEN to THIS SHOW! Stress can kill you. Peace can help you thrive. Come explore Inner Peace!

In this simple phrase, Carolyn Hobbs sums things up neatly: “Inner Peace comes in knowing and trusting the freedom of who we are inside.” Simple, the way Truth is, yet there is so much “included” in this thought. What’s “included” is the topic of this week’s show. What’s involved in “surrender”? How do we completely and effectively rewrite our childhood stories, our core beliefs, and truly conquer fear. And, once we do, what happens? Do we remain the same person we’ve known ourselves to be? What choices do we need to make in order to connect with and establish Inner Peace? Click here to visit Carolyn Hobbs’ website!

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