June 23, Beth Darnall, PhD: Less Pain, Fewer Pills – Emotional Pro

June 24th, 2016

Beth Darnall, PhD 300Have you, or someone you know, ever experienced chronic pain, for which you sought treatment from a doctor? Did you discover that your doctor knew exactly what to do to control the pain? Or, like most people, did you take a series of medications Book Less Pain, Fewer Pills(that didn’t really help), get localized injections, go to physical therapy, etc., only to find out that nothing really stopped the pain? This is the experience of many, many patients today. The next step, of course, is pain medication, opiate-based or derived medicine that alters your mind and still may not handle the pain. Stanford professor Dr. Beth Darnall is well versed on the terrible side effects of opioid medications, and has researched the inadequacy of the medical establishment’s current response to people with chronic pain. She understands how psychology and emotion are connected to the pain response and will share how patients can help themselves and get medical assistance to control their pain without pills.

Modern Medicine and Chronic Pain: How’s It Going? Modern medicine’s answer—so far—to chronic pain is, ultimately, opiods! When my husband, Bob, was struggling with the on-going pain of metastasized cancer, the opioids he took literally made him crazy. We tried different forms, different concentrations. They messed with his brilliant mind, but they never stopped the pain. Why don’t opioid medications work to control chronic pain? Are there things people can do so they need less pain medications? I’m looking forward to some real answers. Click here to visit Beth Darnell, PhD’s website!

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