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August 19th, 2016

Aug 18, Andria Corso, Fear to Flow: Life Unfolding Perfectly

Andria-Corso-2Stress is a very big part of modern life. Stress, we are told, comes from the constant (or near-constant) stimulation of our fear response. The fear response can be triggered through our own imagination:  most of the anxiety and fear with Book Fear To Flow How To Give Up Your Struggle and Allow Life to Unfold Perfectlywhich we live every day is not even real! Enter Andria Corso, an award-winning executive, leadership and life coach, to boldly lead the way through exploring her on life’s False Fears, leading her to the natural, Divine Flow. This week, we’re discussing Andria’s personal story, as well as her ideas of how to move through and manage your own False Fears, moving into a life of Freedom, Love, Openness and Wonder!

Open Yourself to Life: Turn Loose of Fear, Allow Flow! Life is not supposed to be a struggle! It’s our resistance to new events, change, and “allowing” things to happen that create struggle. One of the biggest influences in “resistance” is fear. Andria Corso calls them “false fears.” Want to know why she thinks they are false? Give up struggle and allow your life to unfold perfectly. Get the blueprint on Thursday!

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