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This Week’s Show (July 28th)

October 19th, 2012

July 28, Russell Friedman: Grief Recovery from Today’s Many Losses

Russell FriedmanHow Much Grief Can We Take? Not only do we have a rapidly-changing world, requiring us to “let go of the old” with great frequency, but we also encounter personal losses–of people, places, pets and dreams. Add to that that our entire Book Moving Onworld is undergoing change at a very rapid pace, and you’ll understand that grief is a very important topic for us! Russell Friedman (who is part of The Grief Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, California) offers such a clean and simple understanding of grief, and shares The Grief Recovery process that is one of the best I’ve ever seen (after 44 years as a psychotherapist!). Join me.

Michael Jackson. Prince. Whitney Houston. Egypt Airlines. Orlando. Muhammed Ali. Princess Diana. Tidal Wave victims. Tornado victims. How much loss and grief can we take? What if we don’t know how–or don’t feel we have the time–to grieve all this loss? How much loss can we humans endure without it taking a toll on us? And what would that toll be? Furthermore, if we haven’t grieved through all this loss, how can we risk grieving–ever? Russell Friedman is CNN’s go-to grief expert. July 28th, he’s ours on Full Power Living. You can talk with him directly, hear his answers to these questions, and learn what you need to know about grieving and the grief process. To deal with today’s world, you need this show! Click here to visit Russell Friedman’s website, The Grief Recovery Method!


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July 21, Carla van Raay: Healing from Abuse

July 21st, 2016

Carla Van RaayWe expect people who have been abused, either in childhood or later in their adult lives, to carry anger, scars and pain for the rest of their lives. But abuse can be healed! It’s not actually easy to heal abuse when we are confined to our everyday world, because it’s difficult to see why such a thing “happened” to us, it’s challenging to deal with our feelings of being a victim. In short, it’s difficult to gain a larger Book Healing From Abuseperspective, a different picture, of what abuse is all about and how it can truly be a gift to us and the lives we are living. Not that anyone wants to be abused. But once it has occurred, why not encounter it as a gift instead of as a trauma that can never be overcome? Healing from Abuse takes a spiritual perspective on healing, as author Carla van Raay talks of her own experiences and how she has freed herself. This Thursday. Share your own struggles and growth via our toll free line: 888-498-0570.

I grew up in an abusive family. We had every kind of abuse: physical, emotional, psychological, financial, and sexual. What I have learned in life is that such experiences are designed to be overcome as we grow and live our lives. That has been so for me. It’s what has driven me to be a psychotherapist, to help others see that healing from any kind of abuse is “meant” and “possible.” This, too, is Carla van Raay’s message. I’m excited to hear her story and the ways she has solved her puzzle. Listen and learn—and heal! Click here to visit Carla Van Raay’s website!

July 14, Maureen St. Germain: Your Higher Self Connection

July 14th, 2016

July 14, Maureen St. Germain: Your Higher Self Connection

Maureen-Press-300x300We are, as we all know, in a time of tremendous change and transformation. As a group, we humans are ascending; and our reality is changing. What we have done in the past is no Book The Realities of Creationlonger working. In addition to changing things on a day-to-day basis, we need a much wider perspective. Working with our own Higher Self is a powerful way to get that perspective. Maureen St. Germain wants to help us align with the proactive part of ourselves, rather than continue to be reactive. How do we know we’re connected to our Higher Self? How do we know what we get from our Higher Self is accurate? What’s the difference between intuition and connecting with our Higher Self. These are some of the things Maureen will help us understand on this week’s Full Power Living show.

In learning, we have discovered that people learn through different means. Some learn kinesthetically. Some visually. In recent months, here on Full Power Living, we’ve had people talking with us about becoming a Spiritual Warrior, about finding Inner Peace, about the importance of meditation, and now about developing a Higher Self Connection. We talk about this (same) topic many different ways, because people have many different ways for understanding this topic! This week, Maureen St. Germain addresses finding, hearing, understanding and working with our own Higher Self. Another way to help us ascend, change, and “be there” for the incredible transformation that is affecting us all. Join me on Thursday. Click here to visit Maureen St Germain’s website!

July 7, Michael Charles, MD: Too Big to Hide; Too Dark to Blend In

July 7th, 2016

Dr Michael Charles-pic40 years in the making, this week’s guest, Dr. Mike Charles, follows the fictional form to offer the world a coming of age story that will resonate with anyone fascinated by the implications of the sweeping social changes of the 60’s and 70’s. How does a highly intelligent, well-educated young Book-Too-Big-To-Hide-Too-Dark-To-Blend-Cover--187x300African-American make his way in a fast-changing world that traditionally not held African Americans equal to Whites? In Too Big to Hide; Too Dark to Blend In, Mike’s story demonstrates that it is not the weight of the world that holds one down, but how one carries the weight that allows each of us to have our place in the sun.

Several family members were sitting in the room where my husband lay dying. He was medicated and barely conscious. Mike Charles had come for a visit. A large man, he recounted “the early days,” when Jewish and African-American doctors were not well-accepted, even in as forward-thinking a city as Berkeley, California. He told us that my husband, Dr. Bob Fink, had used his position as head of Surgery and Neurosurgery at Herrick Hospital to recruit Jewish and African-American surgeons and get them established in their medical careers. Bob was so moved, that even in his sedated state, he smiled. After he died, Mike spoke at the Memorial Service we held for Bob, self-assured, articulate and…..funny! That’s when Mike and I agreed that “when my book comes out,” he’d appear on Full Power Living. The time has come! Listen on Thursday.

Click here to visit Doctor Mike Charles’ website!

June 30, Roger Lucas, DDS: More Chocolate, No Cavities (for Kids!)

July 1st, 2016

Roger Lucas DDSI’ll bet you—like most of us—believe that cavities kids get are caused by sugar! “Not so,” says my guest for this week, Seattle-based Dr. Roger Lucas. Tooth decay in the young children of the US has become, over the past 30 years, a Book More Chocolate Fewer Cavitiespublic health crisis. Dr. Roger Lucas, DDS, has created a new way of thinking about cavity prevention that is a diet-first, practical approach. With a degree in biochemistry from the University of Washington, he uses the laws of nutrition and microbiology to simplify getting zero cavities. Find out why Dr. Lucas believes it’s better to feed your child dark chocolate rather than crackers!

Modern Medicine and Chronic Pain: How’s It Going? Modern medicine’s answer—so far—to chronic pain is, ultimately, opiods! When my husband, Bob, was struggling with the on-going pain of metastasized cancer, the opioids he took literally made him crazy. We tried different forms, different concentrations. They messed with his brilliant mind, but they never stopped the pain. Why don’t opioid medications work to control chronic pain? Are there things people can do so they need less pain medications? I’m looking forward to some real answers.

Click here to visit Roger Lucas, DDS’ website!

June 23, Beth Darnall, PhD: Less Pain, Fewer Pills

June 24th, 2016

Beth Darnall, PhD 300Have you, or someone you know, ever experienced chronic pain, for which you sought treatment from a doctor? Did you discover that your doctor knew exactly what to do to control the pain? Or, like most people, did you take a series of medications Book Less Pain, Fewer Pills(that didn’t really help), get localized injections, go to physical therapy, etc., only to find out that nothing really stopped the pain? This is the experience of many, many patients today. The next step, of course, is pain medication, opiate-based or derived medicine that alters your mind and still may not handle the pain. Stanford professor Dr. Beth Darnall is well versed on the terrible side effects of opioid medications, and has researched the inadequacy of the medical establishment’s current response to people with chronic pain. She understands how psychology and emotion are connected to the pain response and will share how patients can help themselves and get medical assistance to control their pain without pills.

Modern Medicine and Chronic Pain: How’s It Going? Modern medicine’s answer—so far—to chronic pain is, ultimately, opiods! When my husband, Bob, was struggling with the on-going pain of metastasized cancer, the opioids he took literally made him crazy. We tried different forms, different concentrations. They messed with his brilliant mind, but they never stopped the pain. Why don’t opioid medications work to control chronic pain? Are there things people can do so they need less pain medications? I’m looking forward to some real answers. Click here to visit Beth Darnell, PhD’s website!

June 16, Carolyn Hobbs: Inner Peace

June 16th, 2016

Carolyn-Hobbs-closeupConsciously Choosing Peace Over Problems! How many people do you know who accept the notion that “we all have problems,” and even, that “there’s no getting away from our problems”? Now, here’s Carolyn Hobbs suggesting we can CHOOSE to experience Peace instead of Problems! As a person who has been doing this for several years, now, I encourage you to LISTEN to THIS SHOW! Stress can kill you. Peace can help you thrive. Come explore Inner Peace!

In this simple phrase, Carolyn Hobbs sums things up neatly: “Inner Peace comes in knowing and trusting the freedom of who we are inside.” Simple, the way Truth is, yet there is so much “included” in this thought. What’s “included” is the topic of this week’s show. What’s involved in “surrender”? How do we completely and effectively rewrite our childhood stories, our core beliefs, and truly conquer fear. And, once we do, what happens? Do we remain the same person we’ve known ourselves to be? What choices do we need to make in order to connect with and establish Inner Peace? Click here to visit Carolyn Hobbs’ website!