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A Personal Word from Ilene Dillon!

July 24th, 2018

NOW is a time of great change. Full Power Living is undergoing remodeling, and will be off the air between March 3, 2017 and ???. In the meantime, click on the “Click Here” button on the left-column to receive a free gift and to be put on our list so we can keep you informed of the changes. Then, can enjoy our 600+ shows aired over the past 13 years, all archived in order of most recent, all the way back to our beginning! Full Power Living is dedicated to helping you understand the power, importance and mastery of human emotions. Since emotions are part of everything, we talk with guests doing all manner of work in our world. Thank you for being the kind of person who wants to gather deep knowledge about your world, how it works, and how to work out the issues we all encounter!

Mar 2, Susan Edelman, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution For Women – Emotional Pro

March 2nd, 2017

Mar 2. Susan Edelman, Be Your Own Brand of Sexy: A New Sexual Revolution For Women

The New Sexual Revolution… NOW! Now in my mid-70’s, I have lived through the sexual repression of the 1950’s, the sexual explosion and freedom of the hippie days in the 1960’s, the sexual freedom of the 1970’s, and the sexual pressures of recent years. Susan Edelman is right—nothing is much clearer than it has ever been! If we can’t get an idea of what is right and acceptable for our sexuality from outside of us, however, the natural place from which to glean it is from within ourselves. Psychiatrist Dr. Susan Edleman helps us do just that. What a great area to explore with her. Do make time to listen, call in, chat and be a part of this important discussion.

Psychiatrist Dr. Edelman takes a look at the fact that women have gone from the message “if you have premarital sex you’re a slut” to “if you don’t have sex (freely) you’re a prude.” Neither message was helpful! She says women are as confused today as ever. It’s because they have forgotten one really important thing, which we’ll be discussing together on this show. Dr. Edelman is fomenting revolution—sexual revolution. She says being your own brand of sexy involves figuring out: 1) What you want; 2) What works for you as an individual; and 3) What strategies will help you achieve your relationship goals, whatever they may be. Especially in these times when so many women feel like they are being discounted by political leaders, taking the lead in what we want and how to get there is vitally important. Call in to share your stories and concerns: (949) 272-9450.

Click to visit Susan Edelman’s website!

Feb 23, Adele Royce: The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes – Emotional Pro

February 23rd, 2017

What goes on in the mind of a person who feels they cannot go on? This is the territory my guest takes us into this week, as I interview Adele Royce. Her book, The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes, is designed to be the first of a trilogy on this normally taboo topic, sharing the reasoning and thoughts of a person entertaining the idea of suicide, regularly. In her book, Adele explores the benefits of death—why would a person think that killing him/her self would be better than staying on the earth? Exploring such thinking may provide you one day the tools you need to use with yourself or someone you love. Winter is a wonderful time to consider such thoughts.

Have You Ever Thought of Killing Yourself? When my marriage broke up when I was 30, my estranged husband wrestled with thoughts of suicide. I did not. Never occurred to me. Why? I was intrigued. I noticed that he had experienced a very sweet, protected and safe childhood, while mine featured early abandonment, loss of my birth mother, and constant moving (among other challenges). To me it seemed like I had, early on, needed to make the decision about whether I would stay here on the earth—continue to survive—or not. My husband, on the other hand, had experienced no reason to think about such things and make such decisions! Suicide is something we need to take seriously. Personally, I’m interested to know what a person contemplating suicide is thinking about, because it’s such a mystery to me. Whether familiar or a mystery, it bears contemplating. Call in on our toll-free number. We want to learn from you, too. (949) 272-9450. Click here to visit Adele Royce’s website!

Feb 16, Jill Lublin, The Profit of Kindness; Ilene Dillon Moving On! – Emotional Pro

February 16th, 2017

Now that I’m 74, I’ve had a chance to observe a lot in life. I remember when women first joined Corporate America, they took on pant suits and masculine behaviors in order to fit in and develop a sense of power that enabled them to work there. In those days, “kindness” would not be something most people at work would discuss, much less look for ways to do. Too “female”. How great it is that we have evolved. Women are bringing some “feminine energy” into the workplace, where it is accepted and utilized. It means we’ll have better balance in the places where we work. It means we can be strong when we need to be strong, and kind when we create an opportunity to be kind. It means we are more encouraged to be ourselves, instead of copying others. Perhaps it will also mean we develop the ability to be kind to ourselves!

 Think about what Kindness at your place of work might mean for you. If you don’t experience kindness, but would like to, you’ll certainly want to listen to my guest for this week, my friend Jill Lublin, internationally renowned speaker on the topics of kindness, publicity, referrals and networking. Jill is talking about the ROI of Kindness in the workplace through her new book, The Profit of Kindness, sharing ways to bring Kindness into your workplace and offering her famously-effective strategies for being Kind and supporting Kindness at work, and wherever you are. Jill says she wrote this book to show how you can create specific acts of kindness in business to increase your income, generate new clients, and get repeat customers to buy more of your services or products. I think it will work in families, too!

Life is moving on; and we’re going on the move, too! In the second half of our show this week, creator/host Ilene Dillon will share the changes in her life that affect the nearly 13 year “run” of Full Power Living.  As always, Ilene will share deep wisdom she’s been accumulating, as she discusses change, flexibility and engagement! Click here to visit Jill Lublin’s website!

Feb 9, Acharya Shunya: Demystifying Ayurveda for Health – Emotional Pro

February 9th, 2017

Feb 9, Acharya Shunya: Demystifying Ayurveda for Health

Lifestyle Wisdom to Optimize Health, Prevent Disease, Develop Vitality. In the mid-80’s I traveled in Europe for a few weeks with a friend who was in his 70’s. Almost daily, he complained to me: “Just don’t get older. Every year you get older, it takes longer to get going and get out of the house each day!” Is that really necessary? I’m excited to talk with Acharya Shunya this week to discover some of the things I can do for myself before I have to!  Won’t it be better to start making changes in how I care for my physical body, health, energy and emotions before something “goes wrong”? I’m ready to institute some new patterns in this part of my life.  Are you?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian spiritual and healing wisdom, traditionally passed down from generation to generation. For most of us, it’s remained a mystery. Something we get a “treatment” for, but don’t engage daily. Acharya Shunya, a master of this art and science, has now written a book that brings this ancient wisdom into our hands, so we can utilize its timeless wisdom in our daily lives. The veil of mystery is lifted, so you can understand this is something you can do for yourself. Acharya Shunya shares that it can help each of us obtain optimal health, healing many of the illnesses and conditions that may have been plaguing us. She’s offering simple things we can do and change that strengthens our body and improves our health and emotional well-being. 

Click here to visit Acharya Shunya’s website! … and … you can visit Vedika Global by clicking here!

Feb 2, Gloria Dunn-Violin, ReVivement: Post-Retirement Thriving! – Emotional Pro

February 3rd, 2017

Want to Have A Life After Making a Living? As you know, my husband, Bob, died in early 2016. I was 73. What to do with the rest of my life? My decision was to surge forward. I became aware that after 53 years of adult living, I was responsible for—and beholden to—no one but myself. At last! So, I’ve sold my home. I am awaiting the delivery of my R.V.  I’m enrolled in a mentoring program to improve and transform my work skills. Right now, I’m in “hold” mode, accepting the hospitality of my wonderful son, Jon, and his wife, Anne. In April, I’m hitting the road. Gloria tells me this is what “Revivement” is about! Instead of sitting at home or taking up knitting, I’m busy reinventing myself for the next 30 years of my life. This is what we’re talking about this week. No matter what your age, you’re either ready to experience ReVivement yourself, or you know someone who is reaching this juncture in life. Come explore with us! 

Have you noticed that “70” or “80” and even “90” is not what it was even 20 years ago? People are remaining present and vital, despite “advancing years.” Our society is still structured to have people retire at 65-70. What does a person do then? Gloria Dunn introduces the concept of “ReVivement,” helping her readers to “have a life after making a living.” Gloria suggests with fervor that anyone over 50 is ready to have a rebirth; and to renew and revitalize a life that has been waiting for this auspicious time. She says the old thinking that says you’re done when you retire is wrong, and wants pre-and present retirees to wake up to a new and better life in their later years. “You’ve earned it and you deserve it,” she says. “Now is the time to revive your life to a much-awaited freedom with your much-developed knowledge, experience and wisdom.”

Click here to visit Gloria Dunn-Violin’s website!

Jan 26, Kim Knight, Bullying: Lifelong Consequences & 3 Steps Out! – Emotional Pro

January 27th, 2017

Jan 26, Kim Knight, Bullying: Lifelong Consequences & 3 Steps Out!

Bullying: Lifelong Consequences & 3 Steps Out!  Years ago I met a woman from New Zealand online. She was working with emotions in ways that intrigued me. We began corresponding. When she came to the US for training, she stayed with me and my husband, Bob, who was showing signs of becoming ill. Even though she was not fully recovered from her own health struggles at the time, she still offered treatments to Bob. While he accepted one session, he was, unfortunately, unwilling to go further. His illness eventually blossomed into the cancer that killed him a few years later. But Kim Knight, that Kiwi woman who visited, had offered to heal him, because he needed it. That’s who Kim Knight is. She’s now in full health and helping others all over the world. My experiences with Kim is why I know we will all benefit from her appearance on Full Power Living. Now, more than ever, we need to know about bullying. 

Kim Knight has two “secrets” she’s using to help people regain health and change their lives and experiences. 1. Your body is far too intelligent to make mistakes and illness has a meaning and purpose – if you know how to decipher the clues. 2. The keys to changing everything from your happiness to physical health can be found in what happened to you in the past and how that has inadvertently created your ‘now’. As creator and head of Kim Knight Health, Kim works tirelessly to help people around the world heal themselves from some of the most challenging and elusive forms of suffering, such as chronic fatigue, adrenal fatigue, fibromyalgia, restless leg syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, PTSD, allergies, joint pain, sleep problems, stress, anxiety and depression. She does this with her skillful work with emotions—those parts of us that are “set” by the age of 7. Bullying stimulates emotions, some of which we hold onto for years. Discover the consequences of not dealing effectively with bullying—as well as what can be done to deal effectively with the experience. Click here to visit Kim Knight’s website!

Jan 19, Raphael Cushnir: Emotional Connection – Emotional Pro

January 19th, 2017

Start with Your Emotions; Live Life from Inside, Out. Most people live their lives from “Outside, In.” We talk about “what happens” to us, what others “do” to us, how others “make us feel.” We get concerned about how we look on the outside, what others think of us, and how we are doing in the world. Now, ask:  “What If?”  “What if this is not what is important?” In fact, “what if” the emotions we have inside of us, that we need to work through our bodies, is the connecting point for all of us. “What if” these emotions connect us to our selves, to one another,  and even more importantly, to “All That Is”? Raphael Cushnir not only believes these “What If’s” to be true, he is actively writing and teaching about what we need to do to open the connection we all have with our larger, fuller selves. When this is done, we transform. When we transform, our entire world transforms. Pay attention to the POWER of dealing with the emotions you feel inside yourself. Then come listen to Raphael Cushnir.

For many years, I have stated that “emotions are the language of the Universe.” My guest for this week is offering us a way to more fully understand what this is and how it works. He wants us to understand that there is a more sophisticated way to relate to our emotions as an actual repository of spiritual intelligence that can guide us to a life of grace and joy. Combining the best of psychology, spirituality, and science into a more effective approach, Cushir says the key to unlocking this sacred connection is to fully experience our emotions IN our body as a way of transforming them—and you. He says your vulnerability is the gateway to your soul and the Divine. Listen to this show. It offers the very HEART of why we offer you Full Power Living—to understand and master the power and importance of human emotions. Click here to visit Raphael Cushnir’s website!

Jan 12, Katie Russell: Texas 4000 for Cancer – Emotional Pro

January 13th, 2017

What Role Has Cancer Played in Your Life? Katie Russell is 22, a recent graduate of the University of Texas in Austin. With two simultaneous Bachelor’s degrees. And a minor in International Business. Already no slouch, she’s taking on a daunting challenge. We want you to know about it, and give you an opportunity to support her efforts. She’s in training for nearly a year. She’s carrying on a near-sacred tradition that promises to tax her body and spirit to the limit. In so doing, Katie is learning to be a leader in our world. You’ll be amazed—as I am—at all she needs to consider, do and learn. Listen up!

How many of us would strike out on a 4600+ mile journey in support of something important to us…on a bicycle? Katie Russell is part of group keeping up a tradition begun at the University of Texas in Austin in 2004 by Chris Condit, then a student at UT Austin, and himself a Hodgkin’s lymphoma survivor. With three possible routes, the Texas 4000* (a 501(c)(3) federally registered non-profit organization, and one of the longest annual charity bicycle rides in the world) starts in Austin, Texas and ends in Anchorage, Alaska. Katie Russell is currently in training for the 2017 Ride. She’s with us to share her cause, talk about the challenges, ask for our support, and be amazed by the undertaking! YOU CAN DONATE, TOO! Just .. Click here to visit Katie Russell’s page on the website!

Jan 5, Joyce Stewart, God is Love: Journey from Fear to Love – Emotional Pro

January 5th, 2017

God is Ever-Equal to Our Understanding. Years ago, I was introduced to this idea that “God is ever-equal to our understanding.” I came to realize that whatever (or whoever) I believe God is, that’s who God is! I immediately began focusing on a God of Love. Most of us, however, have been taught about what Richard Blackstone calls “Theory One God,” a God of judgment, who is constantly assessing our level of sin. Such a God not only separates us from each other (and God), but also supports lives based on fear. I’m so grateful to Joyce Stewart for not only realizing how this happens, but bringing herself through to the other side, and then telling us about her journey. It is all the more important because she was raised to believe in a fear-inducing God and has gotten herself free to find a God full of Love. I’m grateful that she’s available to tell us how she did this, too! 

Joyce Stewart is a pioneer. And she was led to be a pioneer by God. Brought up in the Christian church and following the beliefs she had learned, she was nevertheless shown that her life was based on fear, rather than love. Having deconstructed those beliefs and found her way to the love that IS God, Joyce has come to the understanding that most of people’s lives, relationships and Christian beliefs are rooted in fear, rather than love, and yet they are unaware of this because they have accepted it as normal. She is now sharing her journey from fear to Love, aiming to inspire others to introspection and change. We talk with Joyce about her remarkable journey as we start the New Year of 2017. Please Listen!!

We have two great website links for you today: Click here to view Joyce Stewart’s main website! And you can Click here to view the God Is Love Cookbook website!