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This Week’s Show (Dec 3rd)

October 19th, 2012

Dec 3, Ann Gadzikowski, Play: Creating a Beautiful Mess

ann-gadzikowski-author-300Welcome to a time of year involving great celebration! Will you take these holidays “seriously,” or will you take the opportunity to play? This week’s guest wants us to remember that “raising a child isn’t a series of right or wrong answers; it’s a playful joyous experience.” Ann Gadzikowski is interested in helping us foster “a balanced childhood, one with plenty of running, building, creating, cuddling, tinkering and pretending.” This sounds like a great formula for our holidays, too! Help your children to a joyous childhood, and play your way through your own Joyous Holidays, too!Play, Creating a Beautiful Mess

Embrace Play! Let’s revisit that old line:  “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!” For most of us, the Holidays are a time of celebration, indulgence, and……mess! It’s all about Play, so we’ve booked this show with early childhood educator Ann Gadzikowski, that helps us understand and celebrate play! We’re happy to have you come “play with us” this week!

Click here to visit Ann Gadzikowski’s website!

Thursday’s, 9-10am pacific and 12-1pm eastern, call in to be a part of the show: 888-498-0570 

Nov 26, Thanksgiving: Giving Thanks for 73 Amazing Years

November 26th, 2015

Ilene DillonIt’s My Birthday;  I Want to Give Thanks to You & My World! It’s such a privilege to live a life on this earth! It’s a place of incredible natural beauty, a supportive environment, and a place set up to give us incredibly fast feedback on our decisions and actions. It’s a place of “accelerated learning,” the rewards of which are often miraculous. Come share with me this week as I offer you how this has worked through one life. I’m sharing “secrets” that have helped me evolve from “Victim” to “Leader,” from fearful to courageous, from feeling guilty to “guilt-free.” Let’s celebrate!

Because of the confusion and loss of World War II, the era in which I was born, I didn’t realize until a few short years ago that I was actually born on Thanksgiving Day!  What an amazing life I have lived! I want to celebrate some of the incredible stories and experiences with you as I step into my 73rd year. What’s really been important? What have been my most definitive moments? How has my culture affected what I’ve been able to do? What does all of this mean for you? If, indeed, our Earth is a “Giant School,” then I’ve been at work in the “Laboratory” for a long, long time. I’ve made some discoveries, some messes, and am emerging on this show to share with you the amazing things I’ve seen! I look forward to having you with me for this special show.


Nov 19, Dr Susan Shumsky: Awaken Your Third Eye

November 13th, 2015

susan shumskyDr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly-effective, powerful and positive ways. Mentored for 22 years by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (guru of the Awaken Your 3rd EyeBeatles and of Deepak Chopra), Dr. Shumsky has spent more than 47 years teaching meditation, prayer, affirmations and intuition. Now, she wants to teach you about opening your Third Eye, the portal to your Sixth Sense. This is your opportunity to learn about what this sense can do for you, where to locate it in your own body, how it is activated, and what the advantages of activating our third eye are. This is an unprecedented opportunity to you, my Full Power Living listeners. Please join me!

Dr. Susan Shumsky wants to help you develop a sound and profound relationship with your own Third Eye! You can jump into that process this week on our show. Since all us humans are waking up, and especially waking up to our inner knowing (and what kinds of information does the Third Eye give us, anyway?), we all will benefit from her knowledge and wisdom. Get yourself ready for the new world order of which we’re currently becoming a part. Take advantage of Dr. Shumsky’s amazingly generous gift to us! Listen, discover, activate, call in: 888-498-0570! Please click here to visit Dr. Susan Shumsky’s website!

Nov 5, Bob Wheeler: Navigating the Emotions of Money

November 5th, 2015

Bob WheelerHow confident are you of making and managing your own money?  How do your abilities stack up against the abilities of others? Most people think they are the “only one” who doesn’t have this area of life nicely handled. Bob Wheeler says that is not at all the case!  As with many other areas of life, we humans are just now “waking up”, financially speaking. With each of us having our own unique The Money Nerve Bookrelationship with money and its meaning, this can feel quite complicated. Bob, a trained accountant, wants to help us all transform our beliefs about money and its management, and help us get in charge as we all awaken! You can ask Bob Wheeler questions about your own money situation while we’re on the air—888-498-0570—so don’t miss this show!

Is Your Money Nerve Overactive or Numb? Or, somewhere in between? Thank goodness Bob Wheeler accepted my invitation to be on Full Power Living. Don’t you think it’s a great time (before the Holidays) to wake up to your beliefs about money, your patterns for managing money, and to new perspectives that put you in charge of money for your life? I’m sitting in the front row. You can sit there, too. Call in!  888-498-0570.

Click here to visit Bob Wheeler’s website!

Nov 12, Russell Friedman: Grief Recovery from Pet Loss

November 5th, 2015

Russell FriedmanAccording to the AAVA, Americans owned more than 157 million pets in 2012. Americans LOVE their pets! A big problem with pets, however, is that their lives are shorter than human lives. We love them, and lose grief_recover_handbook1them far too soon for us. How do we deal with losing them? What do we need to do in order to grieve their loss fully, and then go on with our own lives? What do we do about getting another pet? Russell Friedman and his colleagues, author of The Grief Recovery Handbook for Pet Loss, is an expert in grief and applies his understanding to the very real grief we human feel when our pets die. Russell and co-author John James have created the Grief Recovery Method, shared with you when you listen to Full Power Living.

So many people preface the report of the deep grief they feel after the death of their dog, cat or bird, with “I know I’m being stupid/silly, but….” It turns out that grief is grief, and grief felt over the death of our beloved pet is no more silly or stupid than grief we feel over the lost of a person we love. Who better to discuss this with than someone who is an expert on all aspects of grief? Listen on Thursday as Russell Friedman talks with us on questions most of us have when we suffer loss. Click here to visit Russell Friedman’s website!

Oct 29, Fran Shaw, PhD: Lord Have Murphys

October 29th, 2015

Oct 29, Fran Shaw, PhD: Lord Have Murphys

fran-shaw-bioThere is almost nothing more difficult than to open doors in the sleeping soul with humor, but Fran Shaw is a genuine master, and does it with grace. Every page of her book, Lord Have Murphy, contains a small shock, pleasurable, surprising and joyous. Whitley Strieber, the host of the hugely popular Dreamland podcast and Unknown Country website, praised LordHaveMurphy-2Lord Have Murphy on Goodreads: “Exquisitely conceived and executed. If the deity of your life has a sense of humor, you’ll want to participate in this show. Don’t forget to call in, toll-free (888-498-0570) to offer your comments and ask your questions. Let’s laugh all the way to Halloween together!

A man I know is creating a comic book of sorts about spiritual matters. It’s quite exciting to have access to spiritual concerns without is being so somber and depressing as it sometimes can be. Fran Shaw has created Murphy, who demonstrates what works—and what doesn’t—in our crawl toward Enlightenment. Listen on Thursday. Click here to visit Fran Shaw’s website!

Oct 22, Aleya Dao, 7 Cups of Consciousness: Connect to Higher Realms

October 23rd, 2015

Oct 22, Aleya Dao, 7 Cups of Consciousness: Connect to Higher Realms

Aleya Dao 225Multidimensional resources are now available to us humans. Sound healer Aleya Dao is author of Seven Cups of Consciousness, through which she gives step-by-step practical guidance for reaching beyond your limited physical experience and energetically opening to the guidance and support of multidimensional resources.

She’ll be talking about specific processes built around “cups of consciousness” that are designed to give us access to the energetic realm and the innumerable resources it contains. How great to have a teacher who can lead you, step-by-step, to firm connection with “all that is”! Make time for this show.

Offering an Internet radio program like Full Power Living allows me to keep my fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge thinking and behavior. The words for these days are things like “Higher Realms,” “multidimensional,” and “Higher Self.” Do you know how to go to these places (or have them come to you—which is it)? This week, Aleya Dao will talk with us about exactly how to get there. Mark your calendar, please. Click here to visit Aleya Dao’s website!