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This Week’s Show (Dec 25th)

October 19th, 2012

Christmas Day: Enjoy the Amazing Spirit of Your Holidays

Merry ChristmasI’ve always loved Christmas. My step-mother had the most amazing ability to “display” our Santa gifts, so when we came down the stairs on Christmas morning, it was like walking in on a “wonderland” of toys and beautiful lights and tinsel. As I got older, and married at the age of 19, I discovered that not everyone had the same traditions, and learned to adapt. When I married my husband Bob when I was in my mid-50’s, I learned even more, because he had grown up in an Orthodox Jewish household. Over the years we’ve celebrated with new members of our family, some of whom are Muslim, vegetarian, or who celebrate Native American traditions or bring us ideas from the jungles of South America. I feel really blessed to have such richness gathered around my own dining room table, with people happy and loving—and eating the food I love to prepare for them. Get ready for your own traditions, and have a great day on Christmas 2014! We will resume broadcasting in two weeks, January 8th, with Diane Speier on Radiant Birthing!

Dec 18th: Ending Child Slavery in Our World with Vivienne Harr

December 18th, 2014


You’re 8 years old and you learn that some children in the world don’t get to run and play, hug their parents, or eat well. That’s because they’ve been sold into slavery! What do you do about it if you’re a kid? If you’re Vivienne Harr, you create a plan for making $100,000 selling lemonade, and start working every day! 38 third grade students from Merryhill School in Sacramento are learning Financial Literacy. They’re asking the questions in this remarkable show in which kids put their heads together to make their world a better place. Click here to visit Vivienne Harr’s website.

December 11, Baptist de Pape: The Power of the Heart

December 11th, 2014


Baptist became an attorney, and was about to sign documents to work for a large and powerful International law firm, when he watched a program that changed his life. Instead of practicing as an attorney, Baptist became an interviewer and film maker, things he had little knowledge of how to do! He interviewed such people as Eckhart Tolle, Marianne Power-of-The-HeartWilliamson, Gary Zukav, Maya Angelou, Neale Donald Walsch, John Gray, Deepak Chopra and Paulo Coelho—some of the world’s most amazing teachers and thinkers. A true “outcome” to “following your heart,” Baptist de Pape not only followed his heart, he enlisted amazing people to explore it’s abilities. You’ll love this show.

Click here to visit Baptist de Pape’s website!

Dec 4th: Tony Edgell: Be Your True Self – A Hero

December 4th, 2014

Tony Edgell

In my life, I’ve been “The Bread Winner” for my family of four. I’ve also been the mom and support person. Being expected to work your whole life long to support others (as many men have been for generations; and now men and women feel this responsibility) is daunting. If you support them by doing something that just feels like a “grind,” it sounds more like aHero Inside of You nightmare. Tony Edgell took the risk of leaving his corporate job to follow what his heart told him would feel better for him. He now encourages and supports others to follow their heart’s message, which is the focus of my discussion about “The Hero Inside You,” Tony’s 90 day Journey that leads you to be the Person you were meant to be.

 Click here to visit Tony Edgell’s site.

November 20, Dr. Dan Siegel: The Power of the Heart

November 20th, 2014

Dan SiegelDr. Dan Siegel has developed powerful ways for the psychological traps into which too many have been falling in recent years. Following the latest discoveries in Brain Research and Neuro-plasticity, Dr. Siegel demonstrates through stories of actual people how we can change our minds, brains, relationships and even the course of certain mental illnesses. Brainstorm_NYT.cover_smallEliminate the guesswork. Get free of your psychological baggage. Imagine yourself living a life in which you do not have to endure undue stress, take medication, or repeat self-defeating patterns. Listen, listen, listen this week! Click here to visit Dr. Siegel’s website and buy his book!

Nov 13, Awakening with Mary O’Malley: What’s in the Way IS the Way!…followed by Special Q&A with Accessing UI Mentor Sherina Lu.

November 13th, 2014

What's in the Way is In The WayMary O'Malley

Mary O’Malley is a speaker, an author, and a counselor in private practice in Kirkland, Washington. Her work focuses on curiosity, compassion, trust, and the ability to be with whatever is showing up in our lives in a spacious and attentive way. In the early 1970’s, she experienced an awakening where she saw through the struggles of the mind, making contact with the joy and the wonder of being fully awake to Life. Since then she has dedicated her life to inviting others into the healing and the creativity that come from being fully present for Life. Through her organization, Awakening, she has evolved a transforSherina Lumational approach to working with everything that keeps us from being present for our lives. Click here to visit Mary O’Malley’s site and buy her book(s). 

Next we move into a Q&A with Accessing UI’s Sherina Lu. Sherina utilizes her Higher Self to help callers with their life-questions, utilizing their own higher selves for answers.

November 6, Renee Mollan-Masters: You Are Smarter Than You Think!

November 7th, 2014

Renee Mollan Masters

Do you know, regardless of your age or grade, you have the option to study differently—using your brain the way it was designed? Success is yours when you discover the “missing piece” to your success in using your brain. We use our brain to tell ourselves how smart we are, what we believe Renee Bookwe’re good at (or not), and what we’re capable of learning. If your idea is based on a careful assessment of your own learning style, and a way of learning that fits that style, then skip this program. If not, be sure to listen! Click here to visit Renee’s website and purchase her book(s).