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This Week’s Show (June 2nd)

October 19th, 2012

June 2, William Von Holst: Imre Vallyon’s “The Journey Within”

Book The Journey WithinIlene is joined by Imre Vallyon’s editor, William Von Holst, to explore the popular Spiritual Path Series of ebook by Imre Vallyon. This compilation offers the spiritual seeker an accessible yet comprehensive introduction to the Universal Spiritual Teaching, stressing the need for right understanding while walking the Spiritual Path in today’s world.

In The Journey Within, author Imre Vallyon discusses with clarity the big topics that are commonly encountered by the spiritual aspirant: the inner nature of our being and the cosmos; the importance of reconnecting with our higher nature through meditation; what happens after death; how to work with the law of Karma; the importance of developing love and wisdom in our lives; and why not all spiritual paths have the same end result.

Living a more spiritual life is a challenge in a world so focused on material things, but this book offers a system of guidance and right knowledge from the perception of Higher Consciousness so that the reader may be inspired and prepared for the Inner Journey. Click here to purchase “The Journey Within” on the website!

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May 26, Cathy Enoch: Feminine Rising

May 26th, 2016

Cathy EnochExperience the Wise Walk of the Balanced Feminine! Feminine energy is receptive, nurturing, and “inner.” What incredible times we’re living in, as Feminine energy comes forefront. How does “receptive, nurturing and ‘inner’” actually make its way to “forefront”? How does Feminine Rising, Cathy EnochMasculine energy respond? Each of us has masculine and feminine energy. NOW is the time for each one of us to allow ourselves to create a different inner balance between these two energies, allowing us to experience life in new, authentic and deep ways.

Collectively and individually, we can no longer ignore the profound uprising of Feminine energy that is happening now. As we’ve been exploring, our world is ending one cycle (of predominantly Masculine energy) and entering another cycle (of predominantly Feminine energy). Just as walking on one foot, and then the other, allows us to walk forward in life in a balanced and successful way, this alternation of Masculine and Feminine energy allows human beings to go forward with their evolution. Cathy Enoch wants to draw our attention to what is going on inside of us, noting that it is different from what we can see outside. Cathy is dedicated to way-showing, wanting each of us to be all of who we can be. Click here to visit Cathy Enoch’s website!

May 19, Chaney Weiner: Because This is Your Life…

May 19th, 2016

ChaneyGlobalTeleclassPic3Come Examine the Legacy of Your Life with Us. Recently, I was asked to give a presentation on “legacy” to a group of children 5-7 years old! As I prepared, I talked with people about the concept of “legacy” and discovered there are LOTS of ways we look at legacy. To some, it was “legacy of Because This is Your Life BOOKthought,” “emotional legacy,” or “financial legacy.” To me, it was “what energy pattern I want to leave as I pass through my life.” Chaney Weiner is also looking at “legacy,” in terms of whether you’re being the person you want to be, are creating the “ripples” you want to stimulate, and will end up feeling good about who you have been.

A “primer” for living a life—a meaningful life that allows you also to feel respected appreciated and recognized for who you are and all you do—THIS is what Chaney Weiner is offering us through his discussion of This Is Your Life. Spanning from “First Times” to “This Was My Life,” human potential and personal development authority Chaney Weiner is helping us to look at who we are, upon what we base our life, who we want to be, and how valuable we are!  Ever-so-gently, Chaney helps us ask ourselves what we might wish we could change, what we are famous for (and to whom), and whether we might be trying to get rid of half our life. Unique questions we don’t usually ask ourselves, yet which can lead us to live the life we really want to live. Click here to visit Chaney Weiner’s website!

May 12, Lisa Lewtan: Busy, Stressed and Food Obsessed

May 12th, 2016

May 12, Lisa Lewtan: Busy, Stressed and Food Obsessed

Lisa Lewtan“Superwomen” & “Supermen” Seek Relief from Attack! I don’t know about you, but when I’m busy and stressed, I tend to eat more “junk food” than at other times. In Lisa Lewtan bookaddition, it turns out, the body may believe it is under “attack” and thus feels a need to eat to handle the hard times! Personally, I’m glad this negative, downward spiral is being recognized. I’m also delighted that along with that recognition comes suggestions for pulling out of the spiral and going on to other things! Are you ready to end being “food obsessed”?

A University of Florida study has found that stress not only causes a desire to eat, but that extra fat can keep the body’s stress response from shutting off! Fortunately, we CAN break out of this discouraging cycle. Lisa Lewtan promises to help us follow the clues to our own cravings and uncover their root cause. No more self-recrimination, self-judgment, guilt, deprivation or scale-hovering! As she talks about what thought patterns you need to challenge to overtake your binge-eating habit, she’s offering us a realistic approach that anyone can follow that will truly nourish mind, body and spirit, and leave overeating behind!

Click here to visit Lisa Lewtan’s website!

May 5, Ronelle Wood, Touching Light: How to Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia

May 5th, 2016

May 5, Ronelle Wood, Touching Light: How to Free Your Fiber-Optic Fascia

ronelle-woodWho knew that we have something akin to a personal Fiber-Optic system inside every part of our body? Why do we have it? What does it do for us? What do we need to do for it? What if it breaks down; touching-light-bookwhat can we do to get the system up and running again? I’m excited to have Ronelle Wood with us this week to provide answers to these questions, as we talk about our Fiber-Optic Fascia. There was a time when nobody knew we had bacteria in our digestive tract; now lots of people take “probiotics”.  What happens when more of us know we’ve got a personal Fiber-Optics system?

Sometimes something very important is right under your nose, yet you don’t see it! Our fascia, the connective tissue that surrounds and connects everything in our bodies, has been with all humans since their beginning, since THE Beginning. Yet, only now are we beginning to understand its role in our physical, emotional and spiritual health. Ronelle Wood, who is both a patient and a practitioner of Myofacial Release, says this tissue conducts light in our bodies and is essential to health. It also can trap emotion, and hold inflammation. Especially regarding physical and emotional traumas, Myofacial Release, she says, is key to release and healing. She’ll also tell us how to “feed” our fascia!

Click here to visit Ronelle Wood’s website!


Apr 28, Yol Swan: The Indigo Journals

April 28th, 2016

Apr 28, Yol Swan: The Indigo Journals

Yol-Swan-authorAre You a “Square Peg” Trying to Fit Into a Round Hole? If you’ve never heard about “Indigos,” it’s time you did. Especially if you are one yourself, but haven’t yet discovered it. Yol Swan has 12 traits to share with us. You likely will recognize your sensitive, nature-The-Indigo-Journalsloving, alienated-feeling self as we talk about these traits. Since Swan is an Indigo Adult herself, she’s also going to be sharing how to put yourself more at ease, and heal yourself spiritually. After this show, you’ll still be a “Square Peg”, but you’ll likely stop trying so hard to fit yourself into round holes! Instead, you’ll allow yourself to be who you really are, and go forward with your mission.

Yol Swan says that Indigo adults are feminine souls with certain masculine qualities. They often feel out of place in their families, and in this world. It is when they embrace themselves as Indigo adults that they can live the lives they have come to lead, as well as help the people, animals and world they came to help. Yol, herself an Indigo adult, has identified a dozen “traits held in common” for Indigo adults. Knowing these traits will help Indigo adults, and others who may have connections with Indigo adults, yet not always understand their concerns and behaviors. We can also increase our ability to empathize with very sensitive souls who can also behave as warriors. If you’re not yet familiar with the “Indigos” and their mission, you’ll certainly want to hear this show! Click here to visit Yol Swan’s website!

Apr 21, Ya-Ling J. Liou, DC: Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain

April 21st, 2016

Apr 21, Ya-Ling J. Liou, DC: Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain

Dr Ya-Ling LiouEvery Body’s Everyday Pain: I’ve been hosting and broadcasting Full Power Living since 2004—that’s 12 full years come June. It’s fascinating how topics come in “waves” for this show. “Pain” is a current topic. This week, we have a very practical approach to very common vexations—those little pains we tend to put up with, hoping they will go away. Often, instead, they last a EveryBodysGuidetoEverydayPainBookCover-200x300 lifetime, growing larger with the passage of time. Take charge! Catch them early. Send them on their way. We’ve asked Ya-Ling Liou, DC, to tell us what she has learned and what we can do. We look forward to sharing her with you! Dr. Liou comes to help us return to a pain-free everyday life. With an emphasis on uncovering new ways to pay attention to our body, Dr. Liou looks at our familiar everyday aches and pains—the ones for which we pop an otc pill, telling us how to keep these aches and pains from turning into a lifetime of discomfort. We’ll be discussing the body’s mechanically, chemically and emotionally-caused pains, along with what you can do about them. She will help us develop our ability to listen to the clues our body is giving, so we can navigate changes, loss, and stressful times, cooperating with our body, so we come through life’s challenges more easily. Click here to visit Dr. Liou’s website!