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This Week’s Show (Feb 11th)

October 19th, 2012

Feb 11, MJ Domet: Voiceless Whispers: Nature’s Messages

MJ DometDo You Communicate With The Animals You Know? We once adopted Alice, a beautiful Maine Coon cat who had grown up in one place, but got booted out at the age of 12, because one of the children in the home became deathly allergic. After sequestering Alice for three weeks, we gradually allowed her access to the out of doors. She promptly ran away. I called her previous owner to come help me hunt for her. As we were searching our neighborhood, I asked her: “Did you explain to Alice why she was leaving your house and coming to live with us?” She looked at me blankly for a moment, then replied: “I DO talk to my animals, but not usually in paragraphs!” Paragraphs is what they need; and paragraphs is what they offer us, if we but listen. MJ Domet shares more about “listening” when we discuss “Voiceless Whispers” this Thursday. And BTW, Alice came back to us, living happily for another 8 years. Before she settled down, however, her previous human spoke to her in paragraphs and told her why the change was being made!

“The purity of a person’s heart can be quickly measured by how they regard animals”, MJ Domet challenges us all to examine our connection with animals and nature. Animals, she says, are companions, messengers, teachers and connectors. Sharing stories of animal encounters, MJ Domet empowers you to hear your own Voiceless Whispers. Click here to visit MJ Domet’s facebook page!

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Feb 4, Leslie Shore: Listen To Succeed

February 6th, 2016

leslie_shoreHave you ever taken a small child out of doors, where birds are chirping, squirrels chattering, and wind was rustling leaves in the trees? You’ll know, then, the exhilarating power of listening. Leslie Shore–education professor, instructional designer, management consultant and inspirational speaker—helps people develop bookall kinds of listening abilities, including intra-personal and inter-personal skills. Few skills are as important as our ability to communicate. The largest part of “communicating” is being able to really listen! Come listen about listening!

The Exhilarating Power of Listening! When I started out working as a psychotherapist, some of the people I saw presented situations that were so difficult I was concerned I might be of little help to them. As I wrestled with this issue, I realized that few people have someone who will really listen to them—that if I did nothing more than listen, that was enough. It turned out to be a fantastic course of action! I build a nearly 45 year career on listening! I’m excited to learn more secrets about listening from Leslie Shore when she appears this week.

Click here to visit Leslie Shore’s website!

Jan 28, Rosina McAlpine, Ph.D.: Inspired Children

January 28th, 2016

Rosina McAlpine“Inspired Children” Are Inspired to…..What? My hope is they’ll be inspired to be themselves. Inspired to explore the world, to try new things, to challenge what doesn’t feel good and embrace what does feel good. Inspired to be joyful, to play, to experiment, to Love. I found Rosina through an e-mail. She so impressed me, I contacted her and asked if we could do some work together. She teaches people Win-Win Parenting. Come find out how she approaches the idea of developing Inspired Children.

Rosina McAlpine is an Economics Professor……who teaches parenting! And, she’s one of the wonderful people who aims to make what most people experience as a complicated job, much more simple. With a very warm heart, a joy and enthusiasm that will positively lift your day, and a simple approach for Win-Win Parenting, Rosina brings her approach for raising Inspired Children all the way from Australia to us and the rest of the world. You’ll love this!  Click here to visit Dr. Rosina McAlpine’s website!

Jan 21, Christopher Papadopoulos : Peace – And Where to Find It

January 21st, 2016

Jan 21, Christopher Papadopoulos : Peace – And Where to Find It

Christopher PapadopoulosThere’s a peace we discover when we get into touch with our authentic being. In our world in which a “war against” something is around every corner, it’s a great idea to know we can Peace and Where to Find Itexperience peace, and that it’s found right inside of us! Christopher Papadopoulos offers the steps of his own journey in finding peace, helping us each to start our New Year in that peace. Remember: “The way something starts out, it tends to continue.” Come start your New Year with us, peacefully, to set yourself up for a peaceful life all year long!

Ready to Quit All the “Wars,” and Find Peace, Instead? There are a lot of wonderful things we can learn from high school teachers! This week, we’ve got one on our show. Christopher Papadopoulos shifted his consciousness, permanently, in 2003, leaving anxious thoughts behind and helping him shift to inner peace, forever. I’m excited to find out what he did, and try it myself. Come along.

Click here to visit Christopher’s website!

Jan 14, Tom Bird: Write/Right From God

January 14th, 2016

tombird-300x403When You Write, Are You Channeling? Some people claim all creativity is “channeling.” Perhaps writing is. When Tom Bird says you can write a best-selling book in a single weekend, by quieting your Left Brain and allowing that Right-from-God-1a-217x300“something larger” than yourself to give you the words, are you game to find out if it will work for you? I am. So I’m talking with Tom on Thursday to learn his approach. Especially if you’ve always felt you’ve got a book inside of you, listen. If you’re creative—listen. If you’re curious, listen!  

I actually wrote a book in a weekend. Just to see if I could do it. I did not, however, see it as part of my path to Spiritual Self-Discovery, so when Tom Bird came along talking about writing your book in a weekend as “the ultimate spiritual experience,” I just HAD to investigate! Mine wasn’t a “best seller,” either. I figure I have a lot to learn. Tom Bird is just likely to hold the key for me. Do you have a book inside of you? Most of us do! Let’s find out how Tom says we can temporarily put our left brain to sleep, and crank out our best-seller in a weekend!

Click here to visit Tom Bird’s website!


Jan 7, Nancy du Tertre: How to Talk with an Alien

January 8th, 2016

Jan 7,  Nancy du Tertre: How to Talk with an Alien

NancyWhen An Alien Communicates, Does Its Mouth Move? Until I started reading Nancy’s book, it never occurred to me that an Alien I might meet would not be able to communicate with me in the ways you and I would communicate if weHow To Talk To An Alien were to meet. Nancy is a very intelligent woman. She’s looking at a “possibility”—talking with an Alien—and using what we actually know, combined with what we could do, in order to seriously consider the issue of how to talk with an alien! This promises to be a very intriguing show. Be there!

My own idea is that we are ALL part Alien. I have no proof, of course, but it stands to reason with all the many “creation myths,” Easter Island statues, Egyptian pyramids, and crop circles, that there is “something else” going on that involves energy from outside our usual expectations. Nancy du Tertre, brilliant and inquisitive, has taken on this interesting, intriguing topic—if we ARE being “visited” by Aliens, how do they communicate with us? How do we communicate with them? For me, this is a great way to start a new year, by really opening up to look at things that are currently almost beyond our human comprehension. Join me! Click here to visit Nancy’s website!

Feature Show of 2015: Aleya Dao, 7 Cups of Consciousness: Connect to Higher Realms

January 1st, 2016

Aleya Dao 225Multidimensional resources are now available to us humans. Sound healer Aleya Dao is author of Seven Cups of Consciousness, through which she gives step-by-step practical guidance for reaching beyond your limited physical experience and energetically opening to the guidance and support of multidimensional resources.

She’ll be talking about specific processes built around “cups of consciousness” that are designed to give us access to the energetic realm and the innumerable resources it contains. How great to have a teacher who can lead you, step-by-step, to firm connection with “all that is”! Make time for this show.

Offering an Internet radio program like Full Power Living allows me to keep my fingers on the pulse of cutting-edge thinking and behavior. The words for these days are things like “Higher Realms,” “multidimensional,” and “Higher Self.” Do you know how to go to these places (or have them come to you—which is it)? This week, Aleya Dao will talk with us about exactly how to get there. Mark your calendar, please. Click here to visit Aleya Dao’s website!