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This Week’s Show (Sept 25th)

October 19th, 2012

Sept 25, OMENA: Your Soul and Its (Your) History

philomena_mcgee_1387334263_14OMENA is a Soul Historian. From your soul’s history, she’s able to explain; why you live life the way you do. She describes the issues you are here to work on, enlightens you about your relationships with family, friends and others,  and explains why these relationships are a part of your soul’s journey. As we expand into the immense consciousness that is emerging on our planet, we’re taking a look with OMENA at how the Soul directs our lives. This is another call-in opportunity, so dial 888-498-0570 to find out, specifically, where your Soul is taking you! Click here to read about and contact OMENA.

Ask your personal questions and make comments, toll free on 888-498-0570, and chat with us on both our “locations.”

Sept 18, Dianne Morris Jones on Stress Management: Stop, Breathe, Believe

September 18th, 2014

Diane Morris Jones

Visiting the Picasso museum in Barcelona, Spain, years ago led me to see an interesting and amazing thing. People—such as Picasso—who become masters of their areas of life, seek simplicity. Truth is simple. Dianne Morris Jones has created a very simple way of Stop Breathe Believedealing with stress, an approach than can easily be taught to a young child. One major human emotion, shame, creates an overwhelming amount of stress in human lives. As a student of Brene’ Brown, and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and Consultant, Dianne has a lot to say about how to reduce the stress of shame. Let’s get free of unneeded shame together! Click to visit Dianne Morris Jones website and read more about her books!

Sept 11, Giselle Suarez: The Death Monologues

September 11th, 2014

giselle suarez

Fresh from the New York City Fringe Festival, the largest international theater festival in North America. Death Doula Giselle Suarez visits our studios to talk about this “forbidden” topic. Giselle says: “Death is a subject that permeates the life of every single human being and yet is rarely approached, and even more rare, approached in this way. “ Through the writing and performance of her play, The Death Monologues, Giselle aids us all to embrace our lives more fully and gain freedom from fear, bringing peace and understanding in its place. As a listener of Full Power Living, we know you’re interested in exploring the areas of life that are powerful, meaningful, and sometimes difficult to face. Join me for a rare visit with “The Death Doula”.

September 4, Vironika Tugaleva on “The Love Mindset: Self Love & Peace of Mind”

September 5th, 2014

September 4, Vironika Tugaleva, “The Love Mindset: Self Love & Peace of Mind” 

Vironika TugalevaHave you noticed how so many of the guests we feature have faced a crisis, adversity, addiction or major loss.The Love Mindset After they figured out how to survive it themselves, they began to help others who have similar issues. This is true of our guest for this week, Vironika, who has overcome major obstacles, leading her to the importance of self-love, peace of mind, and trusting your inner voice. Vironika says you can discover your own unique path to healing and happiness, and shares with us how to “decode” our emotions to get the help we need.  She’s author of the bestselling The Love Mindset, which has inspired people around the world to heal themselves and change the world.  Click to visit Vironika’s website!

August 28, Lee McCormick: Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag

September 4th, 2014

Lee McCormick

Lee McCormick is a man who has made great lemonade from the lemons in his life! He found his own way back from addiction and co-dependent relationships, then founded two well-respected recovery centers to help others do the same. Drawing on Native Spirit Recovery Medicine BagAmerican and shamanistic traditions, Eastern practices, universal spiritual pathways, and a medicine bag of other heart-opening methodologies, Lee and his co-author, Mary Faulkner, give people the tools to rediscover their truth, release their stories, and live authentically, in their work and now in their book,.Spirit Recovery Medicine Bag. They appear to encourage us all to step away from addictive compulsive behaviors that hold us back from experiencing , real happiness and joy. Join me to enjoy Lee–a musician, cowboy, recovery specialist, motivational speaker, spiritual workshop leader, and film creator—as he tells us how he confronted his own demons and gives us tools to confront our own.

August 21, Dr. Susan P. Plummer, Deep Change: Befriending the Unknown

August 15th, 2014


Dr Plummer asserts that “most of us are being called into Deep Change, a call that is felt in the midst of our everyday lives. It is both a collective and an individual calling. We long for greater connection to life, to feel more alive and meaningfully engaged.” Who among us can argue with this position Link-for-Deep-Change-booktoday? This change is often misunderstood:  we think something is going wrong, or something is wrong with us. Furthermore, Deep Change is rearing its head in the lives of individuals, organizations, institutions and even countries/cultures. Dr. Plummer’s approach encourages us to embrace our true heritage of compassion, connection, freedom, and belonging, allowing us to make Deep Change is a more balanced and sane way. Join me as we discover how to make change gracefully! 


August 14, All Knowing Mentor, Ask Your Higher Self: Q & A Tailored to You!

August 15th, 2014

ui Mentor

Last month, we were blessed to have Daniel Rechnitzer do an amazing demonstration for us, as he offered Lynette an opportunity to heal the cancer in her body by addressing the malignant thinking and beliefs she carried in her brain. We’ll get an update on Lynette during this show. In the meantime, Daniel and Sonja (who has been doing our Q & A for 8 months) have returned home to Australia for a well-deserved reconnection with their roots and families! In their place, we have the magnificent Audrey Pearson! Accessing Universal Intelligence (Daniel & Sonja’s co-founded Group) teaches that we can all do what they do. To demonstrate, we’re going to be hosting a number of Mentors they have trained, carrying on with our Q & A Programs. We’ll start with the very best, Audrey, who will continue the tradition of consulting the Highest and Best part of your own self, giving you the replies communicated to her. BETTER than “psychic,” yet also revealing that which has been hidden in you, so you can work with it and create the life you really want! Be sure to call in early, so you have time to get your question answered.