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This Week’s Show (Oct 30th)

October 19th, 2012

Oct 30, Karen Storsteen: Being Psychic: Science Fiction or Scientific Fact?

Karen StorsteenFor several months, we here on Full Power Living have been telling you that all of us now have the ability to get answers, immediately, to any question. Karen Storsteen, who is a psychic psychotherapist, management consultant, executive coach, medium and public speaker, appears this week to talk about how psychic medium-ship works – what neuroscience, psychology and quantum physics teach us about the powers of the mind. Listen while she talks about predicting the future, reading minds, telepathy and how to get the right answer to ANY question—and what allows us to do so. Join me for the fun! Click to visit Karen Storsteen’s website.

Ask your personal questions and make comments, toll free on 888-498-0570, and chat with us on both our “locations.”

Oct 23: Universal Intelligence, Creating Champions for Life, Pachamama and Music

October 23rd, 2014

Dr. Amellia Kemp Ph.D. was unable to join Ilene for today’s show. Dr. Kemp will join us at another time to discuss her book “From Psychotherapy to Sacretherapy”. Click this link to visit Dr. Kemp’s site.

Discover-Ui-Logo-One-Mind-e1412236190625Instead, Ilene took to the airwaves to discuss her newest projects, including: her work as a mentor for Accessing UI, in which Mentors access their “higher self” to assist others tCCFL_logo-horizontal-WEB1o access their own “higher selves” and gain a clearer path to a successful life. Ilene also told us about her work as a Resident Expert with the CCFL, Creating Champions for Life group. Lastly, a real treat as Ilene talked about some of the amazing work of her children, including son Jonathan Lambert as a successful IT professional who has become an Accessing UI Pachamama logoMentor; and daughter Robin Fink and her work with the Jungle Mama program (part of the Pachamama experience) in the jungles of Ecuador, partnering with indigenous people to understand and further each other’s cultures. Ilene also gave us some insight into daughter Rebekka Bekka's Frogland OrchestraFink’s musicial success in the U.S. and in Ecuador and her work as she has joined her sister in the jungles. We’ve all enjoyed the intro and outro music for this show, Full Power Living. Our bumper music was written and performed in an earlier body of work by “Bekka’s Frogland Orchestra“.

Finally, we have already re-booked Dr. Kemp for her appearance on Full Power Living. Be sure to watch our announcements to find out when she’ll be joining us.

Tailored Answers from Your Own Higher Self with Jonathan Lambert and Ilene Dillon

October 16th, 2014

Jonathan Lambert

On Full Power Living, we’ve had several shows in which the co-founders and Senior mentor of Accessing Universal Intelligence have demonstrated their easy ability to connect with the Higher Self of our callers, helping them with intergenerational relationships, job choices, personal problems, and even healing from cancer. We are now embarking on another phase, bringing you the ordinary people who have studied Accessing Universal Intelligence, demonstrating their abilities to contact the highest and best part of our callers in order to give them needed help. First in this series is me, working with Jonathan Lambert. Jonathan’s everyday business is as an IT Genius on the Internet.

Zoobiquity: What Animals Can Teach Us About Health and the Science of Healing

October 9th, 2014

Our scheduled guest, Pam Oslie, is unable to join us because her voice is not working! We apologize for the change. In her place, we bring you a favorite program of Ilene’s.

 Natterson-Horowitz ZoobiquityOur delightful little Fox Terrier-Corgi mix dog, Bella, died 4 days after Christmas in 2012. She was 12, and like most animals had stayed in the pink of health her whole life, until the malignancy that killed her started invading. What is it that animals can teach us about health and the science of healing? That’s what I’ll be discussing with Dr. Natterson-Horowitz, hearing incredible stories (like the one about fish that faint) and what we can learn about disease and health by studying those “other animals”. In my work, I’ve learned how to work with emotions from those “other animals,” so it’s only natural that I also go to that well to find out how to better work with health. Join me!

Oct 02, Brent Marchant: Movie-Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction

October 4th, 2014

Brent Marchant

“Movies can serve as personal mirrors. When we witness a character’s triumphs (or mistakes) on screen and how they either learn (or don’t learn) from them, we have an Movie Lovers Guide to the Law of Attractionopportunity to learn about ourselves. We can analyze how the character’s thoughts and actions influence the world they live in, and that, in turn, can provide us with insight into how our own worldviews create the world around us.” In his new book, Consciously Created Cinema: The Movie Lover’s Guide to the Law of Attraction, author and film analyst Brent Marchant shows how what we experience is a product of what we believe. By outlining the principles of “conscious creation” philosophy (also known as “the law of attraction”) and illustrating them with examples from the world of film, Marchant provides a cinematic road map to understanding how the world around us arises from our personal worlds within. Come explore with Brent and me! Click here to visit Brent’s Facebook page.

Sept 25, OMENA: Your Soul and Its (Your) History

September 28th, 2014


OMENA is a Soul Historian. From your soul’s history, she’s able to explain; why you live life the way you do. She describes the issues you are here to work on, enlightens you about your relationships with family, friends and others,  and explains why these relationships are a part of your soul’s journey. As we expand into the immense consciousness that is emerging on our planet, we’re taking a look with OMENA at how the Soul directs our lives. This is another call-in opportunity, so dial 888-498-0570 to find out, specifically, where your Soul is taking you! Click here to read about and contact OMENA.

Sept 18, Dianne Morris Jones on Stress Management: Stop, Breathe, Believe

September 18th, 2014

Diane Morris Jones

Visiting the Picasso museum in Barcelona, Spain, years ago led me to see an interesting and amazing thing. People—such as Picasso—who become masters of their areas of life, seek simplicity. Truth is simple. Dianne Morris Jones has created a very simple way of Stop Breathe Believedealing with stress, an approach than can easily be taught to a young child. One major human emotion, shame, creates an overwhelming amount of stress in human lives. As a student of Brene’ Brown, and a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and Consultant, Dianne has a lot to say about how to reduce the stress of shame. Let’s get free of unneeded shame together! Click to visit Dianne Morris Jones website and read more about her books!