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This Week’s Show (Sept 3rd)

October 19th, 2012

Sept 3, Barb Schmidt: Tools for Stress, Inner Peace and Happiness

Barb Schmidt 250If you’ve been promising yourself you’d work on advancing your Enlightenment, but just haven’t yet found the time, this week’s Full Power Living Show is for you! Speaker and author Barb Schmid offers practical tools to ThePracticeuse throughout the day to guide you along life’s path AND awaken you to greater Enlightenment. She has structured an easy-to-implement, three-part daily routine to help you look inward and cultivate acceptance, gratitude, patience, compassion, strength, and courage. It’s called “The Practice”! We are living in such exciting times!

Every day, we are right in the middle of one of the most far-reaching, fantastic changes to have ever occurred on this earth. The trouble is, though, that such change makes everything topsy-turvey, increasing stress and temporarily blocking our access to Inner Peace and Happiness. Thursday’s guest on Full Power Living, Barb Schmidt, addresses this concern with her compilation of the great Truths from masters and teachers throughout the centuries, made easy for us to use as we go through our day. Come, Practice with us! Click here to visit Barb Schmidt’s website!

Thursday’s, 9-10am pacific and 12-1pm eastern, call in to be a part of the show: 888-498-0570 

August 27, Stephanie Banks: A Soulful Awakening

August 28th, 2015

Stephanie BanksStephanie Banks says “Complete faith in the unknown, lack of concern for tomorrow and undivided attention on today will bring you to a place of pure joy.” To find this wisdom—and a new way of living and understanding—Stephanie literally ran Soulful Awakeninginto a rock wall. If you’ve ever felt like you’ve run into a wall in your life, you’ll empathize with Stephanie, who had time during her recovery to communicate with a much larger reality and come back to her life with a totally new perspective. It’s an amazing story, offering us amazing wisdom and assistance for our own lives.

Stephanie Banks had a horrible accident. She and her bike ran headfirst into a rock wall. Fortunately, she has recovered physically. Soulfully, however, she didn’t just “recover”; she “awakened”! Hitting the wall led Stephanie to turn inside, get help, and find out amazing things, which we will discuss on Full Power Living this Thursday. You’ll certainly relate to her experience, and thrill with her discoveries. Click here to visit Stephanie Banks’ website!

August 20, Steve Sisgold: Whole Body Intelligence

August 23rd, 2015

Steve SisgoldYour body has intelligence? You can test for “B Q”? According to our friend, Steve Sisgold, our body does have intelligence, and that intelligence is a huge factor in living a successful life. Steve’s Whole Body Intelligence Bookinformation is compelling, fresh, and very relevant to your life. Listen for his practical tools and outline of his program for increasing your own Whole Body Intelligence.

What I’ve always loved about Steve Sisgold is that he looks at life in ways that most of the rest of us don’t. And what he has to say makes a lot of sense. And it’s basic to all of us. And he looks at our body, it’s intelligence, and its messages for us with a sense of humor. All that, and more, is available to you on Full Power Living this Thursday. You’re invited. Click here to visit Steve Sisgold’s website!

August 13, Nina C. Payne: Moments in Time

August 16th, 2015

Nina C PayneWhat a great title for a novel about the pain of grief and loss. It’s what we all have: moments in time. Here on the earth, in order to get past something we must go through it. Grief demands that we go through. It is the ultimate lesson that focuses moments in timeus in the present, while we miss the past and mourn the future that will not occur. How does Cassandra Peyton go through her own losses? 

My husband has cancer. He was diagnosed in November of 2014. It’s left me in a dilemma. I am living the grief and heartache of his eventual loss, while at the same time still being alive and healthy myself. With cancer, it’s his fight, not mine. I can’t do anything except help him with the process he is in. This week, my guest explores this dilemma in her novel, Moments in Time. As we talk this Thursday, her made up story will be made real, and relevant to all of us learning to go on, even in the face of deep loss and grief. Open your heart with me. Click here to visit Nina C. Payne’s website!

July 30, Dr. Eric Pearl: The Reconnection

August 2nd, 2015

Eric PearlIn his book, The Reconnection, Chiropractor Dr. Eric Pearl shares the development of his ability to effect profound healings with people, by “re-connecting” with our innate ability to contact, know and work with, the profound intelligent force most often called “universal intelligence.” Not only will we be talking about how it works, we’ll also be discussing how you can work with it for yourself! Dr. Pearl appeared on Dr. Oz, who was flabbergasted at Books_Homepage_pic-2x52wgfd2q6l5byi9ejke8what Pearl was able to do. Dr. Pearl appeared on Full Power Living two years ago, too, and has made many advances in his approach since that time. Come “catch up” on one of the powerful ways we humans are creating rapid and powerful transformation.

Two years ago, I had the pleasure and opportunity to take Dr. Pearl’s introductory class, watching him accomplish healing with people in ways I had never imagined. I was even able to do it myself. As a person who has been interested in energy and energy flow for close to half a century, I was amazed at how easily he connected with a person’s energy and changed or positively affected its flow. He was working with higher intelligence, did not need to control every aspect of what was happening, and was achieving amazing results. I can’t wait to hear what he’s been learning and doing since he and I last “met”. Click here to visit Dr. Eric Pearl’s website.

July 23, Uma Girish: Love, Loss, and Life’s Detours

July 25th, 2015

Uma GarishRecently, my comfortable little world was disturbed by the arrival of a new perspective on the kind of work I do, as well as a change in my usual routines. I felt “spacey” and “unsettled.” I realized I wasn’t feeling solid inside myself, the way I have for the past few years. That’s when I reminded myself that even with these new influences and changes, I’m the same person. I really am solid inside of myself; and only my ego has been Losing Amma Finding Home“rearranged.” I felt immediate improvement. What does it take to “find yourself” when you move to a new culture, lose your beloved mother, and realize there is more to you and to life than you’ve been accepting? Uma Girish tells us how she found meaning in her life again, re-establishing her own solidity.

It’s easy to feel great when life goes on the same, day after day. But when big holes are opened in your everyday existence, it feels like the bottom has fallen out. You feel like you don’t know who you are, why you’re here, and that you don’t know your mission. Uma Girish tells us, in her novel Losing Amma, Finding Home, how she survived her life’s “detours” and found her way home. Listen Thursday for Uma’s wisdom and heart opening. Click here to visit Uma Girish’s website!

July 16, Dr. Johnny Lops: Reinvent Yourself

July 18th, 2015

July 16, Dr. Johnny Lops: Reinvent Yourself

dr.+Johnny+LopsIf you grew up in Brooklyn, and then became a psychiatrist, you’d be a psychiatrist who has “seen it all,” offering no-nonsense advice about taking control of your life and maximizing your potential. This IS the description of my guest for this week on Full Power Living, Dr.reinvent yourself dr johnny lops Johnny Lops. The former team psychiatrist for the Brooklyn Nets, a marathoner, and a professional actor, Dr. Lops offers 11 practical skills for turning your life around. Take this opportunity to hear some real-world advice, as well as to talk directly with a psychiatrist who will have some time for you!

I once gave a lecture on Anger to a group of psychiatrists in training in San Francisco. In my lecture, I remarked that I saw myself as essentially the same as the people I helped, except I walked a block or two ahead of where they were walking when it came to understanding myself and human behavior. The young psychiatrists objected, saying they didn’t see themselves as “the same” as the people with whom they worked. One even said that he saw no connection between the changes he made in himself and what he did as a psychiatrist! What a blessed relief to have a psychiatrist who sees himself as a “fellow traveler”! And he’s written a book, too. I’m so excited to talk with Dr. Johnny Lops about all he has learned as a human being. Join us? Click here to visit Dr. Lops’ website!