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This Week’s Show (July 9th)

October 19th, 2012

July 9, Dr. Carmen Harra & Alexandra Harra:
Karma in Your Relationships!

carmen-alexandra-harraA concern for karma led me to forgive someone close to me who seriously violated me in my childhood. I thought “If there IS anything to reincarnation and karma, then it means if I don’t tidy up this issue of me being so violated in this lifetime, I may have to go through it again in another lifetime!” Even though, at the time, I wasn’t sure there were other lifetimes, just thinking there might be led me to deal with my hurt and anger, and then forgive that person prior to his death. It was quite a relief. Now, in these changing times, we have Carmen and Alexandra Harra, who have written a book about how karma appears and affects our relationships. I had to get hold of that book! This week, I have the opportunity to ask them both questions. Listen to my questions, and also write your own on our chats or call in on our toll-free number (888-498-0570). Get prepared for your own release, karmically speaking! Click here to visit Dr. Carmen Harra’s website!

Thursday’s, 9-10am pacific and 12-1pm eastern, call in to be a part of the show: 888-498-0570

July 2, Paula Rosenfeld: The Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)

June 27th, 2015

PaulaRosenfeld_homePageIt’s time to end humanity’s suffering. Humanity, Paula Rosenfeld tells us, has been gifted with an amazing energy that catalyzes awakening, creating a neurobiological shift in the brain. Once accomplished, people experience reduced stress, enhanced awareness, joy, inner peace, TheOnenessBlessing_bookCoverauthenticity, and perception of the oneness that animates and unifies all life. And that, my friend, is “all” our program is about this week. 

One of the wonderful things about having an on-going radio broadcast is that people working as publicists find out about your show and send you opportunities to work with interesting guests. In Sonoma County, California, not far above San Francisco, one such publicist, Warwick Associates, focuses on authors whose information concerns energy fields, conspiracy theories, and other areas that push the boundaries of our minds. They brought me Deeksha. I’m excited to learn about it and share it with you. It promises to be a way to help humanity surge forward in our current “awakening.” Listen and move forward with me. Do you really want to miss it? Please don’t! Click here to visit Paul Rosenfeld’s website!

June 25, Barbara Fleisher & Thelma Reese: The New Senior Woman

June 27th, 2015

June 25, Barbara Fleisher & Thelma Reese: The New Senior Woman

the-new-senior-woman_85926865-300x168The largest and fastest-growing part of our population is Senior Women. There IS no role-model for women sixty and older, because they are living their “senior years” differently than the senior women before them. Today’s senior women live longer, are healthier, better educated, more involved in the world, and more active than the women who preceded them. Barbara Fleisher and Thelma Reese have gathered stories from women who are living in new ways, offering others the opportunity to see “how it’s done” in these new times.Book The New Senior Woman

It’s shocking to me, at age 72, to have someone refer to me and people my age as “old” or “elderly.” Two months ago I was zip-lining through the jungles of Belize and swimming with a jaguar in Honduras. This week I was riding a Segway through California wine country. If we’d had snow this year, you would have found me on the downhill slopes. We don’t think of ourselves as “old.” We certainly do not behave the way our mothers and their mothers behaved at 72 (if, indeed, they made it to that age). So how do we figure out the best ways to conduct our lives? Find out this Thursday. Click here to visit Barbara and Thelma’s website.


June 18, Karla McLaren: The Language of Emotions

June 13th, 2015

June 18, Karla McLaren: The Language of Emotions

karla-headshot-squarecropped-260x260Do you realize your feelings are trying to tell you something? Even our most “negative” emotions are bearing gifts, working hard to help us successfully navigate our lives. Award-winning author and pioneering educator Karla McLaren has healed her own childhood trauma, as well as helping others as an empathic healer. She offers to help us “meet our emotions and receive their life-saving wisdom” in return. Language of EmotionsYou’re invited to learn how to embrace all of your emotions!

The early experiences of my life left me angry, angry, angry. Yet, when I went looking for information about how to heal myself and reduce that anger, there was very little information available. Now, there IS information. I’ve invited Karla McLaren to visit with me, The Emotional Pro, in order to bring you the best, latest, and most effective information on understanding and working with your emotions. This is what our show is all about. Listen to this show!! Click here to visit Karla McLaren’s website.

June 11, Dr. Elizabeth Carman: Spiritual Dimensions of Life Before Birth

June 13th, 2015

carmansRight now, in the midst of our consciousness revolution, we have the opportunity to “check in” with consciousness researcher Dr. Elizabeth Carman. Do you want to know what proof we have that pregnant Cosmic Cradlemothers really CAN talk with their babies in utero, or the parallels of knowledge regarding the soul’s immortality that runs through different cultures? And what evidence is there, from parents and children, that children really do remember earlier lives? We’re looking at this fascinating topic. Come, discover, ask questions!

As I become older, the people I love are having health challenges, facing death, and dying. One insisted there was “nothing” after death. She hasn’t called me from the afterlife, so I still have no proof. Another is in process of dying, wondering whether he’ll be able to be with his parents and beloved first wife—even his pets—once he is no longer on earth. We know more than we think. I’ve invited the Drs. Carman to appear on Full Power Living so we can get the proven information they’ve been collecting the past 40 years. This is one show you’ll want to hear! Click here to visit the Carmans’ website.

June 4th, Jasmina Agrillo Sherr: Heart Resonance, Intuition and Resilience

June 4th, 2015

Jasmina Agrillo SherrSpiritual pilgrim, yogi mystic, HeartMath® Licensed Coach, Light Energy Healer, Jasmina Agrillo Scherr, has more than 25 years of experience inspiring people the world over on how to access and use the power of their heart to impact consciousness, health, performance, creativity and relationships. She has client case studies cited in the 2003 New Harbinger Mirror of my heartrpublication, Transforming Anger and the 2006 New Harbinger publication, Transforming Anxiety. She is quoted in the 2008 HeartMath publication, the emWave Solution for Enhancing Meditation, Prayer & Self-Help. Jasmina is the author of the Amazon bestseller, Mirror of My Soul, Sanctum of My Heart–a spiritual odyssey that goes beyond the near death experience to living from the intuitive heart connection.

Her passion for helping others is born of her compassion for the pain and suffering in others. Having lived through personal upheaval, illness and stressful conditions throughout much of her life, she wants to aid others in finding their path to peace, joy, health and spiritual connection. Click here to visit Jasmina’s website.

May 28, Stacey Couch: A Shamanic Journey with Hawks

May 28th, 2015

Stacey CouchLife often throws us a curve, especially when we least suspect it. Wildlife biologist Stacey Couch went off to work with a captive breeding program for foxes, and ended up being guided by hawks in what appeared to be an “accidental vision quest” provoked by her isolation. Until she later Stacey Couch Hawks Bookworks with a gifted shamanic guide, Stacey doesn’t realize all that is occurring on a very deep, spiritual level. This week, Stacey shares her story and the depth of what she learned as her immersion in the natural and shamanic world began to create healing, expansion and a newfound sense of joy.

Come go on this amazing journey with me! Here are some of the things you can know after listening to this weeks’ Full Power Living program:How spending time in nature can open us up the unseen realms. The ways shamanism can bring about healing and transformation. What a shamanic journey trance looks and feels like. How spirit animals communicate with us How spirit messages from animals can provide us life-changing guidance; and how easy it is for any of us to access shamanic wisdom. I’m excited to share this with you! Listen this Thursday. Click here to visit Stacey Couch’s website.