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This Week’s Show (July 31st)

October 19th, 2012

July 31, Paramahansa Jagadish: The Prayer Project

Parmahansa Jagadish

The need is for good people with good intentions to bring environmental balance and peace back to our world–to reignite the light. Thus, The Prayer Project has been born. Parmahansa Jagadish, the globally renowned master healer, teacher and spiritual leader, is inviting the Prayer Project bookworld to step forward with nine minutes of beautiful and joyful prayer each day to lead the planet into a time of transformation. Just pray nine minutes a day–3 minutes 3 times for peace: 3×3! To help, he’s written The Prayer Project,a book that is a “tool box of prayer, filled with prayers from the world’s predominant religions and cultures. You’re invited to participate–and, if you choose, to sign the pledge committing to positive prayer daily. You can even become a Prayer Project Ambassador to help spread the word.

Ask your personal questions and make comments, toll free on 888-498-0570, and chat with us on both our “locations.”

July 24, Alex Zaphiris, MD, MS: The New Face of Opiate Addiction

July 24th, 2014

Alex ZapharisThe new face of heroin addiction is young, white and suburban, according to a recent study in the journal JAMA Psychiatry. Alex Zaphiris, MD, MS, a San Francisco medical doctor who specializes in opiate recovery, says this study mirrors her experience.  Heroin is cheaper but dosage is uncertain compared to pills, which puts people at increased risk of overdose.” Dr. Zaphiris has an innovative approach for helping people who are struggling with opiate use. She utilizes the latest science to teach patients how their brains are different, and how to heal them by incorporating critical nutritional and brain chemistry components. “This mind/body approach features cutting edge integrative medicine so that people with opiate addiction can understand what’s going on physiologically, and what their minds and bodies need for sustained recovery,” explains Dr. Zaphiris. Heroin abuse has been moving to the suburbs….we all need to know about it, and about what to do. Please join me for this show.

July 17 Program Change: Special Healing Demo AND Q & A w/ Daniel Rechnitzer

July 13th, 2014

Daniel RechnitzerDaniel Rechnitzer has been starring in a television series, What Doctors Don’t Know, on which he has been working with seriously ill people and sharing with them what they need in order to be restored to health. The people on the show have run the gamut with Western medicine, and have not been cured. Daniel has been using this show to demonstrate what is possible when we work with Whole Brain Intelligence. (Watch for this show on television; date is still TBA)  As Daniel has said: “ We all come to this planet–a piece of this enormous mosaic here–to all knowing diarycontribute this immaculate genius. As we grow up we get layered upon with self-doubt, these limiting beliefs that hide or have us hold back this genius, this true gift. As we learn to see past this facade of who we thought we were, as we start tapping into who we really are, THAT is fulfillment: to offer up, to contribute our gift to ourselves to our family, and to the world. That is what life is about, absolutely, right now.” Lynette, Daniel Rechnitzer and Full Power Living are teaming up to share who we really are, showing you what is possible, and allowing Lynette to heal. Do Not Miss This Show!

Daniel is author of “The All-Knowing Diary” As time permits, Daniel will also answer questions from other callers, helping you by communicating with the Highest and Best Part of you, and giving you tailor-made responses.  Call in toll free:  888-498-0570. Call and receive the wisdom Daniel has for you. Your life will change.

Mike Robbins: Nothing Changes Until You Do

July 10th, 2014

Mike-RobbinsMike Robbins is the author of three books, Focus on the Good Stuff and Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken, which have been translated into fourteen different nothing-changes-until-you-do-cover-orderlanguages, and his brand new book, Nothing Changes Until You Do.

As an expert in teamwork, emotional intelligence, and the powers of appreciation and authenticity, Mike delivers keynote addresses and interactive seminars that empower people, teams, and organizations to work together effectively and be more successful. He has inspired tens of thousands of people around the world to reach new levels of awareness and productivity, both personally and professionally. Through his speeches, seminars, and writing, Mike teaches people important techniques that allow them to be more grateful, appreciative, and authentic with others and themselves.

Dr. Stan Tatkin: Love and War in Intimate Relationships

July 2nd, 2014


Our patterns for Intimacy begin in our very earliest years. Some of them lead us to war in relationships instead of love, to love and war in relationships bookfeel insecure (rather than safe), and to fear getting “too close.” Dr. Stan Tatkin, a clinician, researcher and author, leads us on an exploration to find out why we choose whom we choose, the neurobiology of commitment, and how to set up healthy conflict as well as a lifelong plan for continuing to deepen our relationships. Author of “Your Brain on Love” and “Love and War In Intimate Relationships,” Dr. Tatkin will show us how to create sanctuary within our relationships.

Ask your personal questions and make comments, toll free on 888-498-0570, and chat with us on both our “locations.”

David Eby, Resonate with Inspiration: Using Music to Expand & Transcend

June 27th, 2014

David-BW-webDavid Eby is a movie star.  Well, he starred in one movie….”Finding Happiness”…that we featured on our show in January of this year.  The beautiful and soul-satisfying music in that film was often conducted or created by David. As a resident of Ananda Village and its musical director for a long while, David knows music of the soul. He’s talking about the Four Accords, about how we can use the Four Accords to create space for the inspired Experience, including how to work with negative emotional states and how to bring ourselves into elevated states of consciousness.  Come prepared to follow along with exercises David uses to demonstrate his points! Click to visit David’s website!

Shirley Sanders, Sessy’s Journey: 60 Years and Three Generations of Wisdom

June 19th, 2014

Shirley Sanders

When I called Shirley Sanders to ask her if she would like to appear on this show, she was giddy and happy. She was turning 83 the following Sessy's Journey Bookday; and she’d just returned from a very successful book signing for her very first book, “Sessy’s Journey, 60 Years and three
Generations of Wisdom”
. I heard about Shirley from a friend. The life she has lived could not have been foretold by her humble agrarian beginning. Mother of seven children (six of whom are no longer living) gave rise to her also being mother to some of her grandchildren! And along the way, she earned a Ph.D. and did a lot of good in this world. I want you to listen to Shirley and me talk and be inspired for your whole life! Click to visit Shirley’s site.