May 26, Cathy Enoch: Feminine Rising – Emotional Pro

May 26th, 2016

Cathy EnochExperience the Wise Walk of the Balanced Feminine! Feminine energy is receptive, nurturing, and “inner.” What incredible times we’re living in, as Feminine energy comes forefront. How does “receptive, nurturing and ‘inner’” actually make its way to “forefront”? How does Feminine Rising, Cathy EnochMasculine energy respond? Each of us has masculine and feminine energy. NOW is the time for each one of us to allow ourselves to create a different inner balance between these two energies, allowing us to experience life in new, authentic and deep ways.

Collectively and individually, we can no longer ignore the profound uprising of Feminine energy that is happening now. As we’ve been exploring, our world is ending one cycle (of predominantly Masculine energy) and entering another cycle (of predominantly Feminine energy). Just as walking on one foot, and then the other, allows us to walk forward in life in a balanced and successful way, this alternation of Masculine and Feminine energy allows human beings to go forward with their evolution. Cathy Enoch wants to draw our attention to what is going on inside of us, noting that it is different from what we can see outside. Cathy is dedicated to way-showing, wanting each of us to be all of who we can be. Click here to visit Cathy Enoch’s website!

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