June 2, William Von Holst: Imre Vallyon's "The Way Of The Spiritual Warrior: The Timeless Path To Enlightenment" – Emotional Pro

June 2nd, 2016

Imre VallyonDiscover the Way of The Spiritual Warrior! According to spiritual teacher and author Imre Vallyon, every human on earth is designed to be a Spiritual Warrior! Not a warrior in the traditional sense, but a warrior in the sense of developing and maintaining the discipline to reconnect with our SpiritualThe Way of The Spiritual Warrior Core through journeying inward. Spiritual Warriors develop themselves inwardly, AND they take action in the world! In this world dominated by the Masculine Principle and Materialism, we have forgotten, says Vallyon, that we are Spiritual beings occupying–for a time–physical bodies. We can awaken to our truer, Spiritual nature, through inner investigation, starting with regular meditation. Vallyon’s publisher, William von Holst, appears on FPL to elucidate Vallyon’s message and help us understand how to work with our own Heart, learning to be IN the world while also being less OF the world.

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