Feb 23, Adele Royce: The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes – Emotional Pro

February 23rd, 2017

What goes on in the mind of a person who feels they cannot go on? This is the territory my guest takes us into this week, as I interview Adele Royce. Her book, The Little Black Book of Suicide Notes, is designed to be the first of a trilogy on this normally taboo topic, sharing the reasoning and thoughts of a person entertaining the idea of suicide, regularly. In her book, Adele explores the benefits of death—why would a person think that killing him/her self would be better than staying on the earth? Exploring such thinking may provide you one day the tools you need to use with yourself or someone you love. Winter is a wonderful time to consider such thoughts.

Have You Ever Thought of Killing Yourself? When my marriage broke up when I was 30, my estranged husband wrestled with thoughts of suicide. I did not. Never occurred to me. Why? I was intrigued. I noticed that he had experienced a very sweet, protected and safe childhood, while mine featured early abandonment, loss of my birth mother, and constant moving (among other challenges). To me it seemed like I had, early on, needed to make the decision about whether I would stay here on the earth—continue to survive—or not. My husband, on the other hand, had experienced no reason to think about such things and make such decisions! Suicide is something we need to take seriously. Personally, I’m interested to know what a person contemplating suicide is thinking about, because it’s such a mystery to me. Whether familiar or a mystery, it bears contemplating. Call in on our toll-free number. We want to learn from you, too. (949) 272-9450. Click here to visit Adele Royce’s website!

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