June 30, Roger Lucas, DDS: More Chocolate, No Cavities (for Kids!) – Emotional Pro

July 1st, 2016

Roger Lucas DDSI’ll bet you—like most of us—believe that cavities kids get are caused by sugar! “Not so,” says my guest for this week, Seattle-based Dr. Roger Lucas. Tooth decay in the young children of the US has become, over the past 30 years, a Book More Chocolate Fewer Cavitiespublic health crisis. Dr. Roger Lucas, DDS, has created a new way of thinking about cavity prevention that is a diet-first, practical approach. With a degree in biochemistry from the University of Washington, he uses the laws of nutrition and microbiology to simplify getting zero cavities. Find out why Dr. Lucas believes it’s better to feed your child dark chocolate rather than crackers!

Modern Medicine and Chronic Pain: How’s It Going? Modern medicine’s answer—so far—to chronic pain is, ultimately, opiods! When my husband, Bob, was struggling with the on-going pain of metastasized cancer, the opioids he took literally made him crazy. We tried different forms, different concentrations. They messed with his brilliant mind, but they never stopped the pain. Why don’t opioid medications work to control chronic pain? Are there things people can do so they need less pain medications? I’m looking forward to some real answers.

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