Nov 17, Ransom Stephens: Left Brain Speaks, the Right Brain Laughs – Emotional Pro

November 17th, 2016


You Mean I’m Not “Right Brain” or “Left Brain”? Opening Remarks: Oh, no! Another perfectly good belief that has allowed us to understand and work with ourselves for many years needs to be tossed! Instead, we apparently maintain our brains like a well-working two-party legislative system: We collaborate “across the aisle” between the two hemispheres! Find out how this works when Ransom book-the-left-brain-speaksStephens tells us the latest about what goes on inside our own head!

How does your brain interpret information? In this election season, it’s important to know how our brains “reach across the aisle” to collaborate, bringing both left brain and right brain into play. Especially when we want to unlock innovation and discovery. If you’re ready to move past this long-accepted generalization about how our brain works—that people tend to gravitate to one side of our brain more than the other—join me for this discussion with science writer Ransom Stephens. Discover with me how our brain enables prejudice to emerge, and how we can recognize and quash prejudice. I’ll be ready for this “cleansing” by November 17th, won’t you? Click here to visit Ransom Stephens’ website!


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