Aug 11, Christopher Pinckley: The (Emotional) Mud Removal Program – Emotional Pro

August 12th, 2016

Christopher PinckleyAre you like the millions of people who go through their daily lives choked with emotions, which they attempt to push down in order to accomplish those lives? Book The Mud Removal ProgramThis causes what our FPL guest this week refers to as “emotional mud.” Pinckley says that too many us are “clogged with fear, frustration, anger, anxiety, hurt and other emotions. We’re advised by Big Pharma to pop a pill to make ourselves feel better. This may work for a while, but ultimately, the only thing that makes us feel better is resolving these emotions. How to do this—and have it work for you on both a personal and a professional level—is the focus of Christopher Pinckley, author of The Mud Removal Program. (Click here to purchase The Mud Removal Program at

Are You Filled With Emotional Mud? Remove It! You can’t fill your swimming pool with water if it is already filled with mud. First, you need to remove the mud, making room for the water. The same is true if your own insides are filled with the “mud” of emotions that reside there. You can’t allow lighter emotions, such as joy and bliss, to fill the space. With his own unique approach, this week Christopher Pinckley will share with us how to effectively remove the “mud,” making room for what we really want in life. Click here to visit Christopher Pinckley’s website!

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