Feb 16, Jill Lublin, The Profit of Kindness; Ilene Dillon Moving On! – Emotional Pro

February 16th, 2017

Now that I’m 74, I’ve had a chance to observe a lot in life. I remember when women first joined Corporate America, they took on pant suits and masculine behaviors in order to fit in and develop a sense of power that enabled them to work there. In those days, “kindness” would not be something most people at work would discuss, much less look for ways to do. Too “female”. How great it is that we have evolved. Women are bringing some “feminine energy” into the workplace, where it is accepted and utilized. It means we’ll have better balance in the places where we work. It means we can be strong when we need to be strong, and kind when we create an opportunity to be kind. It means we are more encouraged to be ourselves, instead of copying others. Perhaps it will also mean we develop the ability to be kind to ourselves!

 Think about what Kindness at your place of work might mean for you. If you don’t experience kindness, but would like to, you’ll certainly want to listen to my guest for this week, my friend Jill Lublin, internationally renowned speaker on the topics of kindness, publicity, referrals and networking. Jill is talking about the ROI of Kindness in the workplace through her new book, The Profit of Kindness, sharing ways to bring Kindness into your workplace and offering her famously-effective strategies for being Kind and supporting Kindness at work, and wherever you are. Jill says she wrote this book to show how you can create specific acts of kindness in business to increase your income, generate new clients, and get repeat customers to buy more of your services or products. I think it will work in families, too!

Life is moving on; and we’re going on the move, too! In the second half of our show this week, creator/host Ilene Dillon will share the changes in her life that affect the nearly 13 year “run” of Full Power Living.  As always, Ilene will share deep wisdom she’s been accumulating, as she discusses change, flexibility and engagement! Click here to visit Jill Lublin’s website!

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