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February 9th, 2017

Feb 9, Acharya Shunya: Demystifying Ayurveda for Health

Lifestyle Wisdom to Optimize Health, Prevent Disease, Develop Vitality. In the mid-80’s I traveled in Europe for a few weeks with a friend who was in his 70’s. Almost daily, he complained to me: “Just don’t get older. Every year you get older, it takes longer to get going and get out of the house each day!” Is that really necessary? I’m excited to talk with Acharya Shunya this week to discover some of the things I can do for myself before I have to!  Won’t it be better to start making changes in how I care for my physical body, health, energy and emotions before something “goes wrong”? I’m ready to institute some new patterns in this part of my life.  Are you?

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian spiritual and healing wisdom, traditionally passed down from generation to generation. For most of us, it’s remained a mystery. Something we get a “treatment” for, but don’t engage daily. Acharya Shunya, a master of this art and science, has now written a book that brings this ancient wisdom into our hands, so we can utilize its timeless wisdom in our daily lives. The veil of mystery is lifted, so you can understand this is something you can do for yourself. Acharya Shunya shares that it can help each of us obtain optimal health, healing many of the illnesses and conditions that may have been plaguing us. She’s offering simple things we can do and change that strengthens our body and improves our health and emotional well-being. 

Click here to visit Acharya Shunya’s website! … and … you can visit Vedika Global by clicking here!

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