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July 28th, 2016

John JamesHow Much Grief Can We Take? Not only do we have a rapidly-changing world, requiring us to “let go of the old” with great frequency, but we also encounter personal losses–of people, places, pets and dreams. Add to that that our entire Book Moving Onworld is undergoing change at a very rapid pace, and you’ll understand that grief is a very important topic for us! John James (who founded The Grief Recovery Institute in Los Angeles, California) offers such a clean and simple understanding of grief, and shares The Grief Recovery process that is one of the best I’ve ever seen (after 44 years as a psychotherapist!). Join me.

Michael Jackson. Prince. Whitney Houston. Egypt Airlines. Orlando. Muhammed Ali. Princess Diana. Tidal Wave victims. Tornado victims. How much loss and grief can we take? What if we don’t know how–or don’t feel we have the time–to grieve all this loss? How much loss can we humans endure without it taking a toll on us? And what would that toll be? Furthermore, if we haven’t grieved through all this loss, how can we risk grieving–ever? The Grief Recovery Institute is CNN’s go-to grief expert. July 28th, he’s ours on Full Power Living. You can talk with him directly, hear his answers to these questions, and learn what you need to know about grieving and the grief process. To deal with today’s world, you need this show! Click here to visit John James’ website, The Grief Recovery Method!

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