Oct 13: Eric Walrabenstein: Waging Inner Peace: Vets & PTSD – Emotional Pro

October 15th, 2016

eric-walrabenstein-1Emotions of Trauma Can Be Healed. When I saw the promise: “How 5000 Veterans Used the Ancient Secrets of Yoga and Mindfulness to Reclaim Their Lives from Stress, and How You Can, Too” I acted to bring the developer and director of book-waging-inner-peaceOperation Boot Strap to Full Power Living. If PTSD from war can be eased using this approach, think what it can do for all of us! Eric is a former U.S. Army infantry officer. I’m really looking forward to learning from Eric about his proven methodology for applying mind-body wisdom to eradicate stress.

When you are fighting in a war, you don’t have time to stop and process your emotions. Instead, you witness one horrible thing after another, experience one scary thing after another, and suppress your emotions, in the interest of staying alive. When the war is over, there is a pile of emotional energy backed up inside. If it doesn’t get released, human beings can develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today’s veterans have seen more than one tour of duty, which has exposed them to a LOT of tragedy and horror. They need help releasing this built-up emotional energy. Eric Walrabenstein has found some ways to do this, using modern approaches, such as Mindfulness. This week, he shares his discoveries. Click here to visit Eric Walrabenstein’s website!

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