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January 5th, 2017

God is Ever-Equal to Our Understanding. Years ago, I was introduced to this idea that “God is ever-equal to our understanding.” I came to realize that whatever (or whoever) I believe God is, that’s who God is! I immediately began focusing on a God of Love. Most of us, however, have been taught about what Richard Blackstone calls “Theory One God,” a God of judgment, who is constantly assessing our level of sin. Such a God not only separates us from each other (and God), but also supports lives based on fear. I’m so grateful to Joyce Stewart for not only realizing how this happens, but bringing herself through to the other side, and then telling us about her journey. It is all the more important because she was raised to believe in a fear-inducing God and has gotten herself free to find a God full of Love. I’m grateful that she’s available to tell us how she did this, too! 

Joyce Stewart is a pioneer. And she was led to be a pioneer by God. Brought up in the Christian church and following the beliefs she had learned, she was nevertheless shown that her life was based on fear, rather than love. Having deconstructed those beliefs and found her way to the love that IS God, Joyce has come to the understanding that most of people’s lives, relationships and Christian beliefs are rooted in fear, rather than love, and yet they are unaware of this because they have accepted it as normal. She is now sharing her journey from fear to Love, aiming to inspire others to introspection and change. We talk with Joyce about her remarkable journey as we start the New Year of 2017. Please Listen!!

We have two great website links for you today: Click here to view Joyce Stewart’s main website! And you can Click here to view the God Is Love Cookbook website!

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