June 9, Lynn Robinson: Divine Intuition: Your Inner Guide to Purpose, Peace and Prosperity – Emotional Pro

June 9th, 2016

RobinsonLynn300-HiYou know “Universal wisdom” is available; but how do you connect with this inner Guide? Calling Intuition “a gift from the Universe,” bestselling author Lynn Robinson discusses everyone’s ability to cultivate intuition as an Book Divine Intuition-2500-highunwavering and reliable source of wisdom and guidance that you can use every day. Especially in times of stress or crisis, being able to tap into this unfailing source of wisdom is vital for your success and continued well-being. Whether you need guidance in making business decisions, personal or business transitions, or dealing with the fear and uncertainty of “not being sure,” our show with Lynn Robinson is what you need.

Locate and Cultivate Your Own Inner Wisdom! How do you know you’ve connected with your Inner Wisdom? How easily can you trust (and take action on the basis of) your intuition? Would you use it to make a multi-million dollar deal? Tomorrow, Lynn Robinson will be sharing stories of people who did just that! She’ll also be telling us some secrets about how we can trust our own intuition. Intuition—reliable in times of crisis! Join us at 9 am Pacific Time. Click here to visit Lynn Robinson’s website!

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