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July 14th, 2016

July 14, Maureen St. Germain: Your Higher Self Connection

Maureen-Press-300x300We are, as we all know, in a time of tremendous change and transformation. As a group, we humans are ascending; and our reality is changing. What we have done in the past is no Book The Realities of Creationlonger working. In addition to changing things on a day-to-day basis, we need a much wider perspective. Working with our own Higher Self is a powerful way to get that perspective. Maureen St. Germain wants to help us align with the proactive part of ourselves, rather than continue to be reactive. How do we know we’re connected to our Higher Self? How do we know what we get from our Higher Self is accurate? What’s the difference between intuition and connecting with our Higher Self. These are some of the things Maureen will help us understand on this week’s Full Power Living show.

In learning, we have discovered that people learn through different means. Some learn kinesthetically. Some visually. In recent months, here on Full Power Living, we’ve had people talking with us about becoming a Spiritual Warrior, about finding Inner Peace, about the importance of meditation, and now about developing a Higher Self Connection. We talk about this (same) topic many different ways, because people have many different ways for understanding this topic! This week, Maureen St. Germain addresses finding, hearing, understanding and working with our own Higher Self. Another way to help us ascend, change, and “be there” for the incredible transformation that is affecting us all. Join me on Thursday. Click here to visit Maureen St Germain’s website!

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