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December 17th, 2016

Dec 15, Arlene Gale: Face Forward, Move Forward

Move Past the Pain of Experience by Becoming Non-resistant! Recently someone commented to me that I must have had a very difficult time this year, emotionally speaking, because of the upheaval and change I experienced. When I replied that it really hasn’t been bad, he said: “Oh, come on—everyone has feelings! It has to have been difficult.” As I thought about it, I realized that it hasn’t been difficult, because I didn’t resist what was happening! It’s resistance to “what is” that causes us pain in life. Arlene Gale is a woman who has developed wisdom, strength, and compassion by not resisting. She’s been able to Face Forward, which then has enabled forward movement. I look forward to introducing her to you.

People who experience abuse as children can have a very difficult time living a good life as adults. The weight of the abusive experiences—and the emotions that accompany—is so heavy, it’s difficult to go on. Plus, abusive experiences tend to make you focus backwards, allowing the abusive incidents to define your present life. Recently I attended a workshop in Phoenix, Arizona, and met Arlene Gale, who through the title of her book tells us that she found a way to face forward, despite abuse experiences, and then move forward instead of getting stuck. I wanted you to be able to hear how she did it, right from this courageous woman. Come find out how she got herself to face forward, so she could move through her life instead of becoming stuck and stagnant. Click here to visit Arlene Gale’s website!

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