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September 9th, 2016

Michael BrownWere you with us, a few years back, when I talked with Michael Brown about his “Presence Process,” a step-by-step approach to making deep personal change? He calls intimacy “into-me-and-see.” Were you with us, later,Book Cat Tails for Mariette when I talked with Michael Brown about “The Radiance of Intimacy,” in which he asserted our work with intimacy as humans is “practice” for intimacy with God? If so, you’ll know why I’m so excited to have Michael back on the show! Set in the dusty Karoo desert town of Aberdeen, South Africa, Cat Tales for Mariette tells of the unexpected friendship that forms between Michael Brown and a dying woman, Mariette Van Wyks. The two bond over Michael’s sharing of cat stories from his many years of life shared with cats. So many of us love animals. This show will touch your heart, and keep on touching it!

In my life, I’ve had up to 6 cats at a time. I love animals and always have. But during my childhood, we didn’t keep animals in the house—there were no cats. What if you lived your whole life without cats, but always wanted them. And now you’re in the hospital and dying, and know you’ll never have them. And then a man named Michael Brown shows up to share tea with you; and cats enter your life at last through stories Michael tells. Happily, you use “cat wisdom” to help you turn loose of this world and go on. Bring your heart when you listen to this show.

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