Sept 1, Dr. Muray Grossan: Whole Body Allergy & Sinus Health – Emotional Pro

September 2nd, 2016

grossan-med-picWhat Happens When Your Antibiotics Don’t Work? It’s been somewhere close to 40 years since I took an antibiotic prescribed by a doctor. Instead, I’ve cultivated the use of vitamins and herbs that have worked for me to allow my body to Book Whole Body Approach to Allergy and Sinus Healthresist the development of colds and flus (and other types of “infection”). But that’s not the case for most people, who have been taking their prescribed antibiotics and going back to work! What happens when those antibiotics stop working, when the infecting agents become “smart bugs” and dance out of control by our medical healers? We’re talking with a doctor—someone who has worked to keep scuba divers free of sinus issues and colds for many years—about this issue.

Since I can remember, doctors have had the ability to banish bacteria and other infecting agents with a stroke of their pen. Just write a prescription for antibiotics. Miraculously, most people start feeling better shortly after they fill the prescription and take the first few doses! But when millions and millions of people take (frequently the same) antibiotics, the “bugs” begin to “smarten up”, leading us to antibiotic-resistance. Those same antibiotics stop working nearly as well, because those “bugs” are onto them. What Now? Allergy and Sinus Health board-certified otolaryngologist Dr. Murray Grossan talks with me about this on Full Power Living. This show is relevant to all of us. Click here to visit Dr. Grossan’s website!

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