Mar 24, Lisa Caza: From Survivor to Thrivor – Emotional Pro

March 24th, 2016

Lisa CazaSurviving long-term domestic violence does not usually position a person to have a really wonderful life. With the help of her spirit guides and the Divine, my guest, Lisa Caza, rebuilt herself and was able to connect with her wonderful life partner, thus Finding Paradise After the Storm. Lisa shares profound divine insight, guidance, and lessons learned throughout her journey in helping guide you towards finding your own successful love relationship. There is a relationship paradise waiting for you—if you want it! Lisa has been a professional clairvoyant medium for 20 years. Ask your questions—on our chat and/or via toll-free telephone.

Have you reached paradise after experiencing ongoing trauma? My guest this week is a marvelous example of what can be done, in our “Giant School” called Earth, when we apply ourselves and the tools we have been given. Even if you are involved in domestic violence for years, she demonstrates for us, you can still get out of the situation, out from under the emotional baggage, and out into the world to connect with your dreams (or dream person!). As a survivor of domestic violence myself—and although I agree it is possible–I can tell you this is no small feat. I’m looking forward to what Lisa has to say. Click here to visit Lisa Caza’s website!

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