January 15th, Deki Fox, Ui Mentor & "Muse At Large": Meet & Consult with Your Higher Self! – Emotional Pro

January 15th, 2015


Everyone has the ability to “tune in” and Access Universal Intelligence. In 2013, I trained with Accessing Universal Intelligence to do this myself, and have given demonstrations to people around the world. For more than a year, we have given our listeners the opportunity to get answers to their burning questions from the leaders of Accessing Ui. This month, we feature Certified Ui Mentor Deki Fox. What an opportunity! This is the last program for connecting with your Higher Self for this year.

Don’t miss it! Call in early (888-498-0570). Please INVITE your friends, family, and people who need help and/or encouragement with their lives. This is a fantastic opportunity to start your year out right!

Click here to visit the Accessing Universal Intelligence website!

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