Mar 31, Carolyn Hobbs: Forgiveness – Emotional Pro

April 1st, 2016

 Carolyn HobbsWhat is one of THE most important things you can do in your life? Practice Forgiveness! When you make a mistake, do you immediately forgive yourself? Do you easily and freely forgive your partner, your child or Joy Carolyn Hobbsteenager, your parents, your abuser, your boss or co-worker? Can you free yourself to see that we’re all doing the best we can….and “let go” of your expectations and emotional reactions, so you and the “offending person” are both free to go on with your lives? What if countries practiced forgiveness? Carolyn Hobbs, exploring the powers of our Wise Heart, talks forgiveness with me and you. Call in, ask questions on our chats.

Ready to Let the “Other Person” Off the Hook? As a child, several people injured me deeply. I was angry for many years. UNTIL I learned about Forgiveness. I had held onto anger, believing I was not going to let those people “off the hook.” What I learned is that those “other people” had probably long-forgotten what I was still stewing about. The person who was really on the hook was me! I was paying the price of both having had the negative experiences, AND the many negative consequences that accrue to each of us when we hold onto anger! My “perps” were literally getting me twice! Find out how all of this works when I talk with Carolyn Hobbs on the 31st, about Forgiveness. Click here to visit Carolyn Hobbs’ website!

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