Mar 17, Gabrielle V Taylor: Legacy of Wisdom – Emotional Pro

March 19th, 2016

gabrielle V TaylorOn this show, we’re looking at what the word “wisdom” truly represents, how individuals develop it, and how we pass it on. Looking at a profound relationship between a grandmother and her Layout 1granddaughter, our guest examines how the legacy of wisdom is passed through the generations. “Wisdom,” says Gabrielle Taylor, “is an empowering gift to pass on, because it allows any individual, any one of us, to figure out life’s intricacies and solve problems on our own.” What a great way to examine the legacy of wisdom passed to you, and the legacy of wisdom you are passing on to the younger people in your life. Come to listen, ask your questions, increase your wisdom!

How Is Wisdom Really Developed? As I get older and interact with my now young-adult grandchildren, I’m noticing the interesting tension that develops over “knowing things.” As a woman in my 70’s, I’m sure I have wisdom that will benefit the grandchildren and am anxious to share with them. They, on the other hand, are busy developing their own lives. And their lives are full of technology, ways of interacting and connecting, and experiences shared with age mates that I know little about. Who really “knows” anything? Do I “know” because of all my experience and length of life (even though there is a LOT about technology I do not know)? Or, do my grandchildren “know,” because they are part of a technological explosion that gives information at one’s fingertips (even though there is a lot of life they have not yet lived)? And when we “know,” is that wisdom? Join me on the 17th to search for answers. Click here to visit Gabrielle V. Taylor’s website!


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