January 8, Diane Speier: Radiant Birthing – Emotional Pro

January 8th, 2015

January  8, Diane Speier: Radiant Birthing

Diane SpeierChildren, it is said, enjoy a period of years in which they enjoy the earth and live in joy. What better way to begin such an adventure than during the birth process itself?
My guest this week, Diane Speier, pulls together her experience and learning to help families experience the most intense, alive and joyful experience possible, in a process called “Radiant Birthing.” She has amazing things to tell us about how the energy of young children is protected during the first three months of life. Come discover with me how the energy of our new earthly citizens can be safeguarded, enhanced and enjoyed, right from the very first moments of their arrival. Click here to visit Diane Speier’s website.

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