Apr 21, Ya-Ling J. Liou, DC: Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain – Emotional Pro

April 21st, 2016

Apr 21, Ya-Ling J. Liou, DC: Every Body’s Guide to Everyday Pain

Dr Ya-Ling LiouEvery Body’s Everyday Pain: I’ve been hosting and broadcasting Full Power Living since 2004—that’s 12 full years come June. It’s fascinating how topics come in “waves” for this show. “Pain” is a current topic. This week, we have a very practical approach to very common vexations—those little pains we tend to put up with, hoping they will go away. Often, instead, they last a EveryBodysGuidetoEverydayPainBookCover-200x300 lifetime, growing larger with the passage of time. Take charge! Catch them early. Send them on their way. We’ve asked Ya-Ling Liou, DC, to tell us what she has learned and what we can do. We look forward to sharing her with you! Dr. Liou comes to help us return to a pain-free everyday life. With an emphasis on uncovering new ways to pay attention to our body, Dr. Liou looks at our familiar everyday aches and pains—the ones for which we pop an otc pill, telling us how to keep these aches and pains from turning into a lifetime of discomfort. We’ll be discussing the body’s mechanically, chemically and emotionally-caused pains, along with what you can do about them. She will help us develop our ability to listen to the clues our body is giving, so we can navigate changes, loss, and stressful times, cooperating with our body, so we come through life’s challenges more easily. Click here to visit Dr. Liou’s website!

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