Jan 1st, Mary O'Malley: Healing Your Heart – Emotional Pro

January 2nd, 2015

Mary O'MalleyMary O’Malley has won over my heart in 2014. I’ve read her materials and talked with her about ideas from her book What’s In the Way IS the Way, What's in the Way is In The Wayand pre-recorded a program for you later this month on The Gift of Our Compulsions. When Mary told me “we’ll have to talk some time about healing our heart, Ilene,” I jumped at the chance! Isn’t it better to be healed and whole, rather than work “piecemeal” on revising the “broken places” in us? I certainly think so. You’ll come away from this week’s show feeling encouraged, lighter, more compassionate for yourself, and ready to heal your whole life by healing your heart. Nothing better! Click here to visit Mary O’Malley’s website.

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