Your Performing Edge with JoAnn Dahlkoetter, Ph.D. – Emotional Pro

July 5th, 2005

Dr. JoAnn Dahlkoetter is an internationally recognized performance consultant and world-class athlete. Her work with Olympic and professional athletes and top business executives gives her special insight into using the mind-body connection to achieve the best in personal performance, which she shares with our Full Power Living listeners. Learn how to create a healthy, balanced lifestyle, both athletically and personally through exercising the most essential "muscle" of all-your mind.

Segment 1: The "Mind" in Mind-Body-Spirit
Performance is 90% mental, according to Dr. Dahlkoetter. To be successful in athletics, as well as in life, we need to cultivate flexibility in our minds. Top performers have self-understanding and balance, being able to tell when to push forward and when to hold back, she tells us. Learn the three keys for training the mind and becoming a top performer that Dr. Dahlkoetter shares as she coaches Olympic athletes.

Segment 2: The "Body/Emotions" in Body-Mind-Spirit
We don’t care so much "who" that inner critic is that sneaks in an blames, offers comparisons and reminds us of past errors–what we want to do is to redirect the inner critic. Dr. Dahlkoetter tells us how, including how to set reasonable goals that really work for you, so that you can attain maximum effectiveness and performance. Go from "inner critic" to "I can do anything!"

Segment 3: The "Spirit" in Mind-Body-Spirit
So you lost–the race, that promotion, your significant other! How we recover from our losses sets us up for greater victories in our future. Dr. Dahlkoetter tells us that losing is only reflective of what I was able to do on a particular time, in a particular place—it’s not a indicator of my value as a human being! Hear her talk about her coaching of Olympic athletes and how what they need to learn is the same as what we "everyday athletes" (we move our bodies in some way!) need to learn!

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