Welcome to The Solution with Laurel Mellin, M.A. – Emotional Pro

June 28th, 2005

Laurel Mellin, inspired by a research project done many years ago by one of the Grand Dames of Eating Disorders, Hilda Bruch, has developed The Solution, a program for transforming excesses and cravings into balance, integration, sanctuary, intimacy, vibrancy and spirituality! Author of The Pathway and The 3-Day Solution Plan, Mellin has been working for many years to help children and adults resolve issues of obesity while simultaneously improving the quality of their inner and relationship lives. Hear her tell how this is done.

Segment 1: The Solution Plan–What It Is and What It Can Do For You
If you ever wanted something to work with that goes to the root of the problems of overeating, smoking, drinking, overworking, depression and other "excesses," you have found it. Hear the developer of The Solution method for weight loss (without drugs or diets) explain her method for teaching yourself incrementally to feel good and "stay above the line." Learn how you can drop out the high-high’s, the low-lows and the "numb" from your daily life.

Segment 2: Emotional Housekeeping and the Limbic System

Hear guest Laurel Mellin take your host, Ilene, through some emotional housekeeping regarding a real-time event, and explain why it is done as part of the weight-loss system. As she tells the importance of developing an emotional flow, Laurel tells us about the other side of the equation, that of setting limits. Limits and nurturing, she says, are the things that are out of balance in "excessive" behaviors.

Segment 3: Proof of Long-term Gains from The Solution

When we go to excess–in work, eating, moods, or using substances–we drain our levels of serotonin and dopamine, leaving us with nowhere to go but to reach for "external solutions" instead of feeling really happy and living masterfully. These are the real goals of The Solution process. Hear Laurel’s answer to Ilene’s question about how people can find the time to work The Solution when they don’t have time to find the time!

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