The Clutter-Busting Handbook with Rita Emmett – Emotional Pro

July 12th, 2005

Rita Emmett’s newest book is The Clutter-Busting Handbook. She’s aiming to help "clean up America" by instructing listeners about how to divest themselves of clutter and what emotions create the tendency to be clutter-bugs in the first place. With humor, knowledge and nudges, Rita encourages listeners to move past procrastination and start cleaning up toward a more clutter-free life!

Segment 1: The SINS of Clutter, Is Clutter from Nature or Nurture?
If the average modern 3-bedroom house has over 350,000 items in it, isn’t clutter inevitable? "No," says Rita Emmett, "but the need for clutter management is!" The SINS are the four habits that cause us to accumulate clutter, whether it is "caged," "wild," or "tamed." Rita tells us how to have memories without saving boxes of ticket stubs or program notes!

Segment 2: The Emotions of Clutter
What clutter has to do with trust, scarcity and abundance. How is it that clutter can negatively impact your self-esteem; and what happens to your emotions when you divest yourself of clutter? We talk about the "Law of Vacuum" and Emmett’s "Third Law of Clutter," as well as how "emotional clutter" has a similar debilitating effect on us as "things" cluttering up our environments.

Segment 3: What Happened to "Paperless Offices"–and How to Recoup!

Computers were supposed to help us have "paperless offices." Yet papers abound. Now, even our computers are getting cluttered! Rita reminds us that 80% of the papers we now have we will never need or look at again! Listen as Rita encourages us all to "Decide Now" and make wastebaskets our hungry friend!

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