Stories to Grow and Change By with Ilene Dillon and Deki Fox – Emotional Pro

June 21st, 2005

Everybody loves a story. Full Power Living host Ilene Dillon uses signature stories, as both a psychotherapist and a professional speaker, designed to motivate, teach and inspire. Here, she and guest host Deki Fox share stories about opening your heart, developing love, acting from intention, and embracing change. You’ll never forget the story about "Betsy and Peanut Butter."

Segment 1: About Change
Why are people reluctant to make changes? It’s pretty difficult to face changes in life if you don’t feel down-deep secure, or you didn’t learn that "change is the name of the game" here on the earth. Learn how Ilene Dillon prospered from the changes resulting from her youngest child suddenly "growing up" and leaving home two years ahead of the expected schedule. She discusses what it means to "love the changes." And what can a person learn from two simultaneously broken arms? Find out!

Segment 2: The Emotions of Change
How can an old broken-down dog who has a habit of biting children teach a family about love? On this segment, you hear the story of Tracy and a five year old boy–one you’ll never forget. Find out how his dedication to sharing love saves her life. Hear about Deki’s daily ritual with her three children: "Is Your Heart Open?" Finally, how a little red hen taught Ilene to be satisfied and happy with her uniqueness.

Segment 3: Grocery bagging, Home Runs, Aikido & Peanut Butter
These all have something in common! Hear the lesson taught by each, including how "intention" resolved some difficult situations. Embracing change and "rolling" with Aikido brought new horizons and safety, respectively. Once you hear about Betsy and peanut butter, you’ll forever be asking yourself: "Who’s more important?" Don’t miss this poignant lesson for a three-year old.

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