Ilene Dillon, M.S.W. presents the Tao of Anger – Emotional Pro

March 8th, 2005

Anger is a "plague" in our world, and most of us don’t even recognize its pervasive role. On this show, Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., interviewed by guest co-host Deki Fox, introduces "The Tao of Anger," a cutting edge approach for understanding and working with anger that enables people to make anger their tool (as it was designed to be) rather than their master. Dillon contends that understanding and working effectively with anger is key to changing ourselves and our world–and it’s not that hard to do! You’ll never view anger the same again.

Segment 1: Anger on the Increase in Our World—Why?
Dillon discusses why, despite years of therapeutic work with anger, it appears to be on the increase in the world! Ilene reviews "Emotional Literacy," and talks about anger as energy and as a signal. Importance of listening to anger’s signal, including what price we pay for not paying attention to this signal.

Segment 2: Anger’s "Universal Cause," "Should," and Anger Sensei
Dillon describes the basic cause of anger, one that cuts across lines of race, religion, culture, age and birth order. Characteristics of an "Anger Sensei" (master), which is what you can be like when you follow the Tao of Anger. Humans as "channels" for emotion. Earth as a giant school and anger as one of our "lessons."

Segment 3: The Anger Continuum, Hidden Forms of Anger

Anger occurs on a continuum, affected by how long it has been held onto and the intensity of the original violation of our "should." Ilene tells a story of a woman who learned to reverse her "should" and thereby change a 50-year interactional pattern between herself and her mother. Things to remember about "getting anger out of you."

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