Changing the Roots of Anger with Ilene Dillon, M.S.W. & Deki Fox – Emotional Pro

March 15th, 2005

This show features a variety of anger issues offered by Full Power Living listeners. Ilene demonstrates, on an individual basis, how to change what leads a person to feel angry. How to escape the tyranny of guilt, recognize long-held angers, release yourself from other people’s "should," and put yourself in charge of anger.

Segment 1: Changing the Cause of Particular Angers; Fear & Anger

Callers discuss fear that lies under anger, and the issue of "looking good" on the outside while feeling emotionally distraught inside. How to use the Tao of Anger approach to work with these human riddles.

Segment 2: All about "borrowed anger"

How do we "borrow anger?" Once you know, how do you work with it so angers we learned from others no longer affect us. Changing "should" that underlie particular anger offers insight about how "should" can lead to abuse.

Segment 3: How to’s for Explosive and Manipulative Anger
In this segment, we talk about how anger becomes explosive; and what we need to do in order to avert explosions. Long-stored anger has a particular characteristic that helps you identify it. Find out what it is. What do you do about the anger you feel when a person holds a double standard, saying one thing and doing another?

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