The Emotional Toolkit with Dr. Darlene Mininni – Emotional Pro

June 14th, 2005

Dr. Mininni aims to remediate the circumstance that no one taught us how to master emotions during our school years. She shares how to find out answers to basic questions, such as "What am I afraid of?," "What have I lost?" "How have my values been attacked?" and "What have I gained?" These are the questions associated with anxiety, sadness, anger and happiness. A meticulous researcher, Dr. Mininni offers concrete, easy-to-follow "power skills" scientifically proven to boost your emotional well being.

Segment 1: Gateway Feelings and Our Mind-Body Connection
To ease our job of understanding and working with emotions, Dr. Mininni has condensed them to four "gateway" feelings–anxiety, sadness, anger and happiness. With all feelings, she says, we need to utilize a simple, 3-step technique so we can understand the purpose of our feelings and change unpleasant moods. She also talks about our "belly brain" and why working with the body is vital in dealing effectively with our emotions

Segment 2: Open Your Toolkit!
With seven tools in our "Emotional Toolkit," Dr. Mininni explains the power of Emotional Writing and how to accomplish Thought Shifting. She also explains "schemas" and the role these "invisible filters" play in our emotional lives. Find out how she differentiates between a "schema" and beliefs, and what meditative arts offer in working with our feelings.

Segment 3: Psychotherapy, Focus, Gratitude Journals & Happiness

Dr. Mininni’s research indicates there are 3 factors predictive of success with psychotherapy, which she lists for listeners. With a report on research done in the late 1970’s by Ellen Langter of Harvard University, Dr. Mininni underscores what profound changes can occur with a change in focus. Focus plays a major role in the effectiveness of currently-popular Gratitude Journals, which in turn connect into the development of happiness by focusing us on our left prefrontal cortex. Listen as she tells how these work in harmony to help create more fulfilling lives.

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