Inside Guilt and Depression with Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., and Deki Fox – Emotional Pro

August 9th, 2005

If, as guest Ilene Dillon contends, the Earth is a giant school to which we all come in order to learn, then both guilt and depression offer us a particular "lesson." Dillon contends that guilt is neither necessary nor acceptable, and talks about how to free yourself from guilt. Depression robs our economy of billions of dollars every year, yet we still have no workable method for addressing and releasing it. If it isn't medical in origin, Dillon says it is pure anger. Find out how to translate it to anger and process Depression out of your system. Program host is Deki Fox, Life Coach.

Segment 1: Depression: What Can We Do For Ourselves?

Guest Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., offers a definition of depression (absent medical or medicinal cause) that inherently gives us a way to deal with it ourselves. Depression is rampant in our culture, is most prevalent among women, and costs American business billions of dollars annually in lost work hours, Employee Assistance Programs, alcoholism and drug abuse, and workforce changeovers. Find out her answers to "do we need to be depressed?" and "aren't pills enough?"

Segment 2: Is Guilt
Guest host Deki Fox discusses with guest Ilene Dillon, M.S.W., the past-focus of guilt, the definition of "real" versus "synthetic" emotions, and the dilemma in which we humans find ourselves whenever we are feeling guilty. Once again, the definition of guilt given leads us to the method for release of guilt. Hear more about how you can move toward a guilt-free life, and why you would want to, including specific techniques for creating this change.

Segment 3: Worry: Want to Do Something Else, Instead?

Dillon says that worry is a misuse of our precious psychological energy, focusing us on fear and a possible future that may never happen! How did we get ourselves into this mess, anyway? She and Deki Fox discuss what you can do to stop worrying and get on to more useful pursuits!

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