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July 6th, 2006

7/6/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Rediscover your deep sensuality, your sense of SELF, and learn the ways mothers affect their daughter’s body image, by listeing to Jacqueline L. Sussman, one of the foremost Eidectic Imagery practitioners in the world. Eidectic Imagery work gives us the keys to unleashing our true potential. Jacqueline says “Deep inside each of us lives a pure genetic power placed in us by nature whose energy moves us to know our intuitive selves and opens the door to achieving our fullest potential. Yet sometimes that power is hidden, obscured by negative experiences and unrealistic social and personal expectations that keep us from attaining our goals.” Listen if one of your goals is to unlock your own sensuality and better understand and know your SELF.
Segment 1: What’s In An Image; and How Can It Help Me?
Images hold pictures, emotons and meaning. We can work with them to restore our natural sensuality, something with which we are born but which gets covered over and lost as we grow up in the world. Sussman tells what natural sensuality is (and how it’s different from sexuality), and how working with Eidetic Imagery can return us to our individual sense of wholeness.
Segment 2: What Happens to Emotions When Sensuality is Squelched
Everyone reacts differently, says Jacqueline Sussman. We can experience guilt, feeling “not in contact” with our self, shyness, shame and repressed anger. Because our natural wholeness is always there, regardless of what has been layered over it, Sussman says we can use images (windows into our psyche) and images of wholeness to change our internal chemistry and our life. Listen as she tells you how you can start to do this right now!
Segment 3: The Greeks Knew About Mind-Body Connections!
Every person is “made up” of body, mind, emotions, psychic energy and the influence of their environment. Jacqueline tells the story of a man who rediscovered his sensuality and his joy in life as a result of strengthening his heart by holding a special image. Her discussion today is based on her book, Images of Desire. Contact her at

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