Back in the Saddle, Again! – Emotional Pro

July 1st, 2006

I started “Full Power Living,” the Internet radio program I have been creating and hosting for the past two years, up again this past Thursday. My guest was Neil McHugh, who talked about “Dreaming Your Way to Pain Free Living.” His very personal story of learning to imagine and dream completely enough to create a way out of poverty and into an executive position with IBM, then out of a hereditary, supposedly incurable spinal disorder at the age of 35, was not the primary thing for me in doing this show. It was Neil himself. Even as I was corresponding with him over the Internet, arranging his appearance, I was moved to write to him that I kept getting the words in my mind, “This is a GOOD man.” This perception was corroborated during and following the show, when I was aware of a warm and open feeling in my heart. Whatever you’ve been doing, Neil McHugh, it seems to have left you open, communicative on an energetic level, and very wonderful as a person with whom to have contact. Thanks for finding me; and thanks for helping me re-inaugurate Full Power Living!
The other thing significant, particularly for those of you who have followed some of my shows, is that I have been moved from Studio B to Studio A. Now, you may not think this is much of a change, but it is. Studio B was the “new studio,” and we had nothing but technical problems. Entire shows were not broadcast, sometimes, because of the glitches. Studio A is the “old studio,” trusty, tried and true and reliable. It was just that for me. The only thing that went wrong on the entire broadcast had to do with my own dyslexia–I called “Neil McHugh” “Hugh McNeil”! My husband, a neurosurgeon, says he doesn’t think I am afflicted with dyslexia. I respect him, AND, I ask how come reversals like this happen with a degree of regularity that is greater than chance? We won’t even talk about what I do with numbers….
I am determined to make the show easier on me than it was in the past. When I learned that another broadcaster, Patricia Raskin, spends a couple of hours per week setting up and conducting her show (similar theme as mine), whereas I was spending 2 or more DAYS at it, I realized I was investing FAR too much time into the show. I’m creating systems, streamlining and opening myself to better ways of doing things. In the first run-through, I had to learn from the ground up. First, selecting the theme. Then getting past my own fears about asking people to appear (they’ve been wonderful and some fantastic people have agreed to appear!). Next, I had to learn all the ins and outs of doing marketing, PR, and learning the technical, computer things that go into doing the show (sending out e-mail announcements, writing Press Releases and learning how to broadcast them over the Internet), figuring out the technology I need to purchase and use during the broadcast, etc. Finally, I had to learn how to time myself on the radio, how to sound “alive” and not canned, how to relax when interviewing others, and how to digest the material of my guests sufficiently to be able to discuss it intelligently and pointedly with them. One of the greatest things I received from all of this was a joy of learning about a LOT of things I didn’t know anything about!
I still have much to learn. Through Quantum Leap, I’m learning how to write more intriguing press releases. And how to market. And I still need to learn how to build my audience, which I am slowly doing. I want to “sell” people on what I am doing, yet I don’t want to manipulate. It’s a fine line. Especially when my topic area is one that a lot of people would rather avoid–human emotions. How to make the exploration of human emotions interesting enough to get people to listen, call in to the show, tell their friends and family about it, etc? I’m still learning. Send me your suggestions, please!
So far, things are easier. I have guests scheduled into September, and it’s only July. And they are great guests, too. And the people with whom I have been making contact are very, very gracious. If, indeed, my world is my mirror, I am grateful for having learned to be more gracious!

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