Teenage Girls/Young Women and Body Image (A Global Perspective) – Emotional Pro

July 13th, 2006

7/13/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Houston-based Imago-trained Licensed Professional Counselor Renee Lederman started out as a middle school counselor, who had opportunity to observe how girls related to their bodies as they blossomed into womanhood. Intrigued, she began to interview women around the world–in Paris, Barcelona, Dubrovnik (Croatia) and throughout the U.S. She’s talking with us about how a teen girl’s or woman’s body image impacts their emotions, as well as major areas of life, such as suicide, eating disorders, relationships and teenage drinking. She considers similar impacts on boys and men, as well. Renee is author of Celebrate Your Life: Voices from Women Around the World, to be released in 2007.
Segment 1: Body Image and Self-Worth
Renee tells listeners what’s important about knowing about the body image we hold of ourselves. Promoted by the media, we use our body image to measure our self-worth and to see who we are. She says this is an erroneous way to operate and tells us what we need to do, instead.
Segment 2: Body Image and Our Emotions
All of us are concerned with body image. But if you are a parent, a grandparent or an aunt or uncle, you’ll be particularly concerned about how these emotions fit together with a negative self-image to lead people to serious problems, such as suicide, early alcohol use or eating disorders. What emotions underlie these issues?
Segment 3: What to Do to Improve Your Body Image, Regardless of Your Age!
Renee gives listeners a list of things you can do to turn a negative body image toward the positive, even if you’re as old as Ilene (63)! Caller Robin inquires about how we can bring the need to address “core issues” to young people who may not realize their life isn’t working well or don’t know what to do about a life that is painful.

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