June 6, Julie Renee-Doering with "Brain Rejuvenation: The 100% You Formula" – Emotional Pro

June 4th, 2014

Julie Renee-Doering with “Brain Rejuvenation:  The 100% You Formula”

JulieReneeHeadshot-222x300Lots of e-mail crosses my desk. But when I received a message from Julie, I just knew we needed to talk with her, hear from her. As a child, Julie was exposed to radiation from testing of the Atomic Bomb. This was devastating, taking her through much pain, illness and a very long recovery. Amazingly, she has
Balance_your_life_now_book_ThNsurvived. She has also learned things about how to rejuvenate yourself, using your own mind. These are things you can use to rejuvenate yourself, regardless of your age, circumstance, health or situation. Julie’s message moved me. I know she’ll move you, too—right into maximizing your own brain power, motivation, and effectiveness. This is a story like no other. Be sure to hear it.

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