Special Bonus, September 19th: Sonya Rechnitzer, Q & A with YOUR Higher Self! – Emotional Pro

September 13th, 2013

We have an opportunity for you to ask your personal questions—on any area of your life—and get answers from your own Higher Self! Sonja Rechnitzer, who did such an amazing job on our August 1 Q & A show (check it out on the archives–you’ll be amazed!), is making herself available monthly for you to ask questions relevant to your personal life. Call in, toll-free, 888-498-0570.  Sonja is co-founder of Accessing Universal Intelligence and is dedicated to teaching us all that we can access—and get guidance from—our Higher Self.

What Is Ui?

Imagine your brain connecting to all others. Imagine a sea of intelligence connecting us all – that’s Ui! Ui – Universal Intelligence is the genius surrounding us,  in nature, in every cell of our body, connecting us all. This genius is ours to access, it is what the other 90-95% of our brain is intended for. Start to access untapped knowledge, profound wisdom,healing secrets and your path to wealth and success. Ui is to your brain what the internet is to computers – unlimited information. Start your limitless existence now!

We are all ONE, Genius. 

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