Sonja Rechnitzer, Get Answers for Your Life from a Most Reliable Source! – Emotional Pro

June 13th, 2014

Sonya Rechnitzer 225x225

There is no way you cannot be part of the “spiritual explosion” that is now occurring! It’s making some things much harder, yet opening doors to places and abilities we never thought possible or reachable for us humans. This has GOT to be bringing up questions for you. And so, I invite Accessing Universal Intelligence’s Sonja Rechnitzer, who assists our callers in getting the most reliable answers available today! They’re reliable because they come from the highest and best part of yourself…your own Higher Self.  Sonja’s clarity and accuracy has already changed many lives of people who called in on our show and got just one question answered! How great is that? You can be one of them.  Call early (9 am Pacific Time) to make sure Sonja has time to speak to you. 888-498-0570  You do not have to remain mystified or be left guessing. Call and ask!

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