Sept 26, Richard Moss "Inside-Out Healing: Transforming Thru Power of Presence" – Emotional Pro

September 26th, 2013

Inside-Out Healing offers insight to help you:  

  • Free yourself from the mental component of suffering-the emotional unhappiness created by your own

    Inside-Out Healing


  • Strengthen your mind so that the roots of your awareness will not be so easily torn from the present
  • Feel your feelings and not by defined by them
  • Become more available and fully connected with yourself and others
  • Make better decisions from a place of inner harmony and trust
  • Open your heart to the love that is always present in the Now
  • Become more conscious in every domain of life
  • Restore your own health and heal areas of personal suffering
This is what we’re discussing on our September 26 show. The time is now! We’re hearing from many people who are giving us this similar message. Richard Moss has been telling us for a long time, and has many gifts to offer you. Listen!

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