Mar 3, Russell Friedman: Grief Recovery for Children – Emotional Pro

March 5th, 2016

Russell FriedmanWhen you were a child, did you have as many opportunities as today’s child to know about loss—through death, moving, divorce and pet loss? Most of my contemporaries lived in their same safe home, in the same safe neighborhood, going to the same safe when_children_grieve1schools as their friends. They did not hear frequently about school shootings, Syrian refugee children washing ashore at the beach, get shot sleeping in their own beds, or know about imported pet snacks killing thousands of pets. Most adults don’t know much about grieving for their own losses. Russell Friedman and his colleagues have stepped in to give a process for adults who want to help children grieve their losses, even if we’re not good at it now, nor whether the child’s loss is personal or global. Russell is the go-to grief-recovery expert for CNN, available to you on Full Power Living for a more personal visit.

Fred Rogers, producer/host of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood, reminds us that “There isn’t anyone in life who hasn’t experienced some kind of loss.” How that loss is dealt with determines whether we move on in healthy ways, or whether we get stuck, emotionally, or even develop PTSD. When grief strikes, it’s enough to deal with our own. Often we experience grief at the same time as our children. What a blessing to have a guide to help us assist the children in our lives with their grief. Listen and learn from this compassionate, knowledgeable and wise man. Click here to visit Russell Friedman’s website!


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