July 23, Uma Girish: Love, Loss, and Life’s Detours – Emotional Pro

July 25th, 2015

Uma GarishRecently, my comfortable little world was disturbed by the arrival of a new perspective on the kind of work I do, as well as a change in my usual routines. I felt “spacey” and “unsettled.” I realized I wasn’t feeling solid inside myself, the way I have for the past few years. That’s when I reminded myself that even with these new influences and changes, I’m the same person. I really am solid inside of myself; and only my ego has been Losing Amma Finding Home“rearranged.” I felt immediate improvement. What does it take to “find yourself” when you move to a new culture, lose your beloved mother, and realize there is more to you and to life than you’ve been accepting? Uma Girish tells us how she found meaning in her life again, re-establishing her own solidity.

It’s easy to feel great when life goes on the same, day after day. But when big holes are opened in your everyday existence, it feels like the bottom has fallen out. You feel like you don’t know who you are, why you’re here, and that you don’t know your mission. Uma Girish tells us, in her novel Losing Amma, Finding Home, how she survived her life’s “detours” and found her way home. Listen Thursday for Uma’s wisdom and heart opening. Click here to visit Uma Girish’s website!

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